Friday, 18 August 2017

Tombstone fun...


What Is The Difference Between Men And Women?
1. A Successful Man Is One Who Makes More Money Than His Wife Can Spend. A Successful Woman Is One Who Can Find Such A Man.
2. Men Wake Up As Good-Looking As When They Went To Bed. Women Somehow Deteriorate During The Night.
3. A Man Will Pay $2 For A $1 Item He Wants. A Woman Will Pay $1 For A $2 Item That She Doesn’t Want.
4. A Woman Marries A Man Expecting He Will Change, But He Doesn’t. A Man Marries A Woman Expecting That She Won’t Change, And She Does.
5. There Are Two Times When A Man Doesn’t Understand A Woman Before And After Marriage.
6. A Woman Worries About The Future Until She Gets A Husband. A Man Never Worries About The Future Until He Gets A Wife.
7. To Be Happy With A Man, You Must Understand Him A Lot And Love Him A Little. To Be Happy With A Woman, You Must Love Her A Lot And Not Try To Understand Her At All.
8. Any Married Man Should Forget His Mistakes. There’s No Use In Two People Remembering The Same Thing!
9. A Woman Has The Last Word In Any Argument. Anything A Man Says After That Is The Beginning Of A New Argument.
10. Women Look At A Wedding As The Beginning Of Romance, While Men Look Aat A Wedding As The Ending Of Romance.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

How to make SEO friendly blog...

It always takes a lot of time & struggle to start a blog from scratch and get immediate response from readers or make them notice your blog.

It's like expecting a bit too much from yourself, even the most hardcore bloggers suffered in the initial stages of their career. There are 99% chances that at your very first attempt full of energy and zeal to achieve success, you won't get much of a response from most readers not because you are a newbie or you don't know a thing, mostly it happens due to mushrooming of thousands of new sites and blogs on daily basis, which is likely to make you annoyed in a few months and eventually forcing you to leave blogging. 

That's the most common perception you might think about, now let's see exactly what you should be doing in order to get your blog going...

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Top 10 trending tricks on how to get more traffic

How to bring traffic to your site, how to get more visitors who can eventually turn into your customers, if such questions keep on pulling blood out of your stress veins and leave you in total mess.

Well then Pal, it's time to change your tactics just a little bit as it can win you a god damn.....jackpot.

Let's cut it out short to see what & all are the most common problems from which most of the bloggers suffer.

Nomatter whether you are a newbie blogger or an experienced pro, bringing traffic to your site is always a crucial point of your blogging career, which tests every bit of your skills, knowledge & talent in order it get to the peak of the mountain.

Monday, 14 August 2017

How to make Pineapple Panna


By shef sanjeev kapoor

Time : 0-5 minutes

Cook time : 1-1.30 hour

Serve : 4

Level Of Cooking : Easy

Taste : Sweet & Sour

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Eatery jokes .....Yippee kai yay..


Boss Calls His Employee In His Office.
Boss: “Do You Believe In Life After Death?”
Employee: “Certainly Not, There Is No Proof Of It.”
Boss: “Well, There Is Now, After You Leave Early To Go To Your Uncle’s Funeral Yesterday, He Came Here Looking For You.”