Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Top 10 trending tricks on how to get more traffic

How to bring traffic to your site, how to get more visitors who can eventually turn into your customers, if such questions keep on pulling blood out of your stress veins and leave you in total mess.

Well then Pal, it's time to change your tactics just a little bit as it can win you a god damn.....jackpot.

Let's cut it out short to see what & all are the most common problems from which most of the bloggers suffer.

Nomatter whether you are a newbie blogger or an experienced pro, bringing traffic to your site is always a crucial point of your blogging career, which tests every bit of your skills, knowledge & talent in order it get to the peak of the mountain.

Whether you can do it or not totally depends on your overall strategy, marketing plan and most importantly "class of content", without which everything is totally waste.

Everyone can start to write by learning some tricks using internet, that's not wrong even I use to do a lot of research on net but is that content is good enough to attract people to read your full post, to push them to dig deep & reach out to the bottom of the post, that's the question which matters.

We have a lot of useful tricks to solve this problem but as I always say at bloogle01 you get only the best.

Lets check out some useful tricks...

1. Eye catcher....

As soon as you start to write a post, what is the first thing which hits your mind.



Topic?...correct, its the topic of the post or title of the post which attracts not only you but gets the attention of the readers who would like to have a look at your blog.

It should be unique, eye catching, SEO adaptive & Google friendly but remember to get the important part in your title, then only it will appear on your posts URL & attract search engines whenever someone search for similar topic on the net.

Mostly people shorten the URL to make it user friendly but it affects the post's star power making it unable to perform to its full potential....so try to avoid it.

2.Content is the king.

After finding a suitable title for your blog comes the most important part and that is .....yeah, you got it right its the content.

An awesome title can make a visitor to reach out to your site in 5 seconds but to hold him there for another 15 minutes, for that you need some extraordinary content to simply blow away your readers and keep them coming back for more.

Various surveys show that it takes only 8 -10 seconds for a random reader to go in and come out of your blog after reading only first few lines, which means a high bounce back rate is really dangerous.

To avoid such situations you got to ensure that not only the first few para but also the middle & ending should be overwhelming to keep your readers stick to your site.

So make it short, sweet & simple.

3. Market-eying

There are various parts of the same thing which you have to look after in order to be a successful blogger and one of those is excessive marketing about your work, the more they will know, more readers you will get & more you will earn.

As simple as that....

For this you got to create some links, some connections and proper planning to get the most out of your blog.You can contact the leaders  in your field to get your blog link on their's, that's a great way of marketing your stuff.

Another thing is by guest blogging, there are various blogs on the net who accepts guest bloggers in order to share something new and exceptional with the world and what you get in return.....readers, visitors and most importantly customers.

See, when you write for a huge platform, your content appears on the screen with your initials, details & your blog address.
If somebody liked your thoughts he or she would definitely like to read more of you, which will eventually bring them to your blog.

And you get them exactly where you want, at your blog, ain't somebody else.

Or you can use social media that's another great platform to show your presence.

4. Try out not to be boring..

As I told ya, that I do a lot of research but there are various bloggers whom you can't read for more than 5 minutes cause it makes you sleepy even if they are sharing some good knowledgeable content.

Seriously, It happens cause they write so much long articles that you will forget about the whole course and feel like reading a PHd thesis in blogging.

So I would suggest you to be funny, interesting but knowledgeable at the same time.

That should do it.

As I don't wanna get boring, I am signing off for now.......see ya...

Monday, 14 August 2017

How to make Pineapple Panna


By shef sanjeev kapoor

Time : 0-5 minutes

Cook time : 1-1.30 hour

Serve : 4

Level Of Cooking : Easy

Taste : Sweet & Sour


  • Fresh pineapple peeled and cut into slices ½ medium

  • Pineapple juice chilled 2-3 cups

  • Castor sugar (caster sugar) 2 teaspoons + 2 tablespoons

  • Fresh mint leaves 15-20

  • Black peppercorns 5-6

  • Roasted cumin seeds 1 teaspoon

  • Lemon juice ½ teaspoon

  • Salt to taste

  • Ginger finely chopped ½ inch

  • Black salt (kala namak) to taste


Step 1

Heat a non-stick grill pan. Place pineapple slices on it, sprinkle 2 teaspoons castor sugar on top and grill till they turn soft. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature.

Step 2

Place grilled pineapple slices in a blender jar. Add mint leaves, peppercorns, cumin seeds, lemon juice, salt, ginger, black salt, 2 tablespoons castor sugar and pineapple juice and blend well.

Step 3

Pour into individual glasses and serve chilled.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Eatery jokes .....Yippee kai yay..


Boss Calls His Employee In His Office.
Boss: “Do You Believe In Life After Death?”
Employee: “Certainly Not, There Is No Proof Of It.”
Boss: “Well, There Is Now, After You Leave Early To Go To Your Uncle’s Funeral Yesterday, He Came Here Looking For You.”


Man Meets His Friend & Notices He’s Wearing An Earring. “When Did You Start Wearing Earnings?
Friend: “Ever Since My Wife Found It In My Car


Universal Truth:
Help A Girl When She Is In Trouble,
She Will Surely Remember You,
Only When…
She Is Again In Trouble.


Pappu Ek Bar Ek Ladki Ke Piche Hath Do Ke Padd Gaya, Aur Usko Patane Ke Liye Kuch Na Kuch Karta Rahta Tha
Ek Din Ladki Ne Tang Aakar Usko Pass Bulaya Aur Boli.
Ladki: “Mere Piche Tum Apni Jindgi Barbaad Mat Karo
Pappu: “Kyun?
Ladki: “Is Raste Mein Pathar Aur Kanton Ke Alawa Kuch Nahi Milega
Pappu: “Are Pagli, Mere Paas Reebok Ke Shoes Hai Na


Pappu Apne Friend Golu Ko Bata Raha Thha.
Pappu: “Pichle Hafte Meri Aur Meri Girlfriend Ki Ladayi Ho Gayi Thi Aur Hum Alag Ho Gaye
Golu: “Fir?
Pappu: “Usne Mujhe Chidane Ke Liye Apne Naye Boyfriend Ke Sath Photo Khinchva Ke Mujhe Bhej Di
Golu: “Ohh, Ye To Bahut Bura Kiya Usne
Pappu: “To Main Bhi Konsa Kam Hun, Utha Ke Photo Uske Baap Ko Bej Di

Friday, 11 August 2017

Things heating up in Big brother....

Josh, who claims to be the star of the big brother show, tasted his own medicine on the latest episode where everything went out of his hands & he got evicted from America's favorite show "big brother".
The gang decided to use the veto power very quickly as they were quite sure about whom they want to save, whom to evict & Cody was also in the hit list.
Big Brother Week 8 Nominees
Other members told that Cody was a victim of an ugly attempt to throw Paul out in the very first week of the show & the increasing bitterness between the two affected his alliance with the rest of the gang.
Contestants explained that they were never able to gain back that confidence in Cody and eventually decided to evict him, as it's better to remove the weakest link in the chain.
But big brother never lets its fans down, as Cody came back into the show in a stunning manner full of twists & turns to pair up with Jessica.
Before getting evicted Jessica said to be worried about Cody's survival on the show until we witnessed a surprising move from Kevin for an alliance.
Kevin Schlehuber
Kevin's strategy was quite clear to get to Jessica in order to reach Cody, along with Jason, Paul & Alex.
So Kevin started to pull the strings taking Jason along side and Cody made it clear the showmances were high on his priorities. 
This was music to Kevin's ears, but Jason was taken aback by how pushy Kevin was about the whole thing and turned to Alex and Paul to spill the goodies. 
Paul Abrahamian
Alex and Paul were hesitatant about Cody as he is really unpredictable to deal with and can change the game at any point of time, hence both Alex as well as Paul weren't likely to be in alliance with him.
So the alliance went on to be called off but not before the last fight between Jessica and Josh in the Kitchen, when she asked him to spell "drought" where he passed the challenge & started to brag about his business degree and self business.
Finally she went out to enjoy another beautiful day of summer...

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Brie Larson at "The Glass Castle Premier...."

She's beauty and she's grace… she's Brie Larson!
The 27-year-old actress turned heads at the premiere of her latest project, The Glass Castle, in New York on Wednesday night in this stunning chiffon Monique Lhuillier gown!

If a romantic fairy tale could be embodied by a person, this look would definitely be it!
We love the delicate detail of this caped dress, which was perfectly accented by Brie's girly glam, pink lip, and a loose braid

When she walked on the red carpet, that moment was one of epic moments of the night.
Her arrival itself went on to create a chaos among the photographers to take a perfect position in order to get the best pic for the day.
Ch-ch-check out her classy curves peeking out from the sides of the pink light cape cover filled with lots of bright shiny stars, revolving around the sun.
And the dress was specially designed to not to overpower her personality and to come up with an angel look, to turn the heads around for this very event.
Nothing more than Just gorgeous, dahling!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Follow your dreams or A 9 to 5 job

Career advice is something which we start to receive from our high school days itself, when we should be actually more worried about our studies rather than breaking our head for future extravaganza.

Teacher will ask on regular basis what you wanna be after 10 years, relatives & friends will ask which college you'll join and adding insult to the injury are the regular comments from parents "Sharma ji ke bete ko Dekho"

These things in our mind grow up with us, as we move from college life to our career deciding phase, where we have to decide whether to choose our dreams or go with the flow for a regular 9 to 5 job.

Most of the successful people say that they followed up their dreams upto the extreme level from where there is no coming back other than success.

Social media is full of sites and programs to motivate you for following your dreams, specially FB, Twitter etc. It has become almost a business to motivate people and earn big time.

But is it really OK to pursue your dreams, with out considering anything else, by ignoring advice from dear ones and keeping up with your dream.

See, The thing is that when we grow up, our taste, lifestyle & desires change with time.

For example: In child life, we love to play with toys, teenage brings attraction for gals, (why you're giggling, its a natural thing) and maturity makes the world know about us, who we are.

You'll meet many "Mr know it all" people, who will push you to follow your dreams, saying "forget about what you are good at, just go for it."

They will say based on their experience, What they have to loose anyway. Even a fifth grader gives away a million advices on daily basis, it doesn't mean you have to go on that path blind folded.

Allow me to explain why it's not such a good advice to follow your dreams by simply ignoring your skill set, denying your wonderful talent and going for something exciting but untouched.

Let's see what are the possible scenarios with this myth of success in following your dreams.

1.Sometimes it happens that you just go for your passion cause you like that thing but when you start to do it, it's feels like horrible cause you're really bad in it.

For example, you are a blogger writing about technical gadgets while your real talent lies in handling puppies.

2.In other case, you will find that blogging was never your passion, you went for it because everyone else is doing it or it has become a kind of social fashion.

After reading this post do one thing, close your eyes and ask yourself "did you started blogging or writing or any other occupation cause it's a trend or because your friends are doing it", if that's the case my friend believe me you won't succeed enough, try something else.

3. Various people explored the opportunity in the field and tasted the success but its not everybody's cup of tea to do such hard work, fulfill tight deadlines, and maintain that hectic schedule on daily basis.

I mean to say everyone can't be a Ronaldo, or Mohammad Ali or Usain bolt.

They are simply outstanding in their respective fields

But it doesn't mean that you can't reach there at least a heart throbing try is needed, then nothing is impossible.

So lets see what is needed to be done.

1. Follow your dream is interesting but you got to test yourself at all levels to ensure that the field you have chosen is correct and after several hours, months and days you are doing it willfully, even if it doesn't pay you a penny.

If you can do that, have faith in yourself you will totally nail it.

2.Don't just do it for money or fame, it should be more than a skill or a bread earning recipe.

Try to learn day by day, improve yourself, bring change in your strategy for the betterment, find the pros and cons of your field try to correct where you're wrong and improve the right one.

3.Finally and most importantly, it should be something you enjoy, you should be doing it in midnight 2 o clock not for meeting a deadline but for the cause that you love to do it.

Let me share story of one of my favorite cricket living legend....I will tell his name later.

So, he grew up watching his elder brother playing cricket, soon he also got involved into the game and told his parents that he wanna be a cricketer as well.

Parents face were filled with joy with a pinch of sadness sprinkled, cause the elder brother was a left hand batsman while our hero, the younger one was a righty, and their financial condition was not good enough to buy a separate right hand kit for him.

In such situation, what would have you done?

Most probably, you would have left the thought of being a cricketer cause professional cricket ain't a child play.

But as I mentioned in our points of success above, you got to be in it to win it.

This boy was so much in love with cricket that he changed his whole playing technique in order to use his elder brothers kit & became a left handed batsman and boyyy..from that day when he took this decision it was no turning back.

He went on to become one of the world's best cricketers, India's most successful captain and a part of India's most dangerous opening pair....who was he ?

None other than our beloved "Dada", Sourav Chandidas Ganguly.

So you saw how his passion and love for the sport brought immense dedication to not only overcome but win the game and that's what you have to apply, nomatter which ever field you are in.

Talking about a 9 to 5 job, its some thing you shouldn't take out of the equation but if you have that zeal to die for, that anger to destroy all the hurdles and a go getter attitude, then give your dreams a pair of wings, that 9 to 5 job can wait.

See if that works for you as it has changed many a lives .....please do share your comments on that...

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Bad influence......


Ustad Fursat Ji Ne Apni Girlfriend Ko Apna Pyar Jatane Ke Liye Ek Shayari Likhi

Duniya Se Chhip Kar Teri Tasveer Bathroom Mein Laga Rakhhi Hai,

Duniya Se Chhipa Kar Teri Tasveer Bathroom Mein Laga Rakhhi Hai,
Har Pal Tera Didaar Ho Isliye Julab Ki Goli Kha Rakhi Hai.


Teacher Ne Class Mein Ek Student Se Puchha
Teacher: “Tumhare Dad Kya Karte Hai?
Student: “Mam Hum 14 Bhai-Bahan Hai
Teacher: “Oh Okay, Par Tumhare Papa Karte Kya Hai?
Student: “Mam, Bataya To Tha Hum 14 Bhai-Bahen Hai, Lagta Hai Aap Samajhi Nahi?


Titanic Jahaaz Doob Raha Tha.
Ek Angrej Ne Santa Se Poocha: “Yahan Se Zameen Kitni Door Hai?”
Santa: “4 Km.”
Angrej Ye Sunte Hi Samudar Mein Kood Gya Aur Poocha: “Kis Taraf?”
Santa: “Niche Ki Taraf”


Pathan Interview Dene Jata Hai.
Manager Ne Pathan Se Puchha: “Where Is Abu Dabi?

Pathan Bola: “Jis Qabristan Mein Hamara Ammi Dabi, Wahi Thoda Door Par Abu Dabi


Ek Couple Date Per Thha, Ladke Ke Baap Ne Dekh Liya.
Baap Ne Socha Ki Dekhta Hu Ladka Kya Kahta Hai So Usne Bete Ko Call Ki
Baap: “Beta Kahan Ho?
Beta: “Daddy, Paper Dene Aaya Hoon
Baap Samjhate Hue: “Beta Paper Zara Dhyan Se Dena! Iss Paper Ka Result Aaya To Jaan Se Maar Dunga.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

How to make Eggless Gulab Jamun Custard ...

Prep Time : 6-10 minutes

Cook time : 6-10 minutes

Serve : 4

Level Of Cooking : Easy

Taste : Sweet


  • Gulab jamuns halved as required

  • Custard powder 2-3 tablespoons

  • Milk 2 cups + 3-4 tablespoons

  • Castor sugar (caster sugar) 1 tablespoon

  • Pistachios chopped as required


Step 1

Heat milk in a small deep non-stick pan and bring to boil. Add castor sugar and mix well.

Step 2

Take custard powder in a bowl. Add 3-4 tablespoons milk, mix well, add to boiling milk, whisk well and cook till it thickens. Remove from heat and keep warm.

Step 3

Line individual short glasses with halved gulab jamuns, put some pistachios and pour some custard mixture on top. Repeat the process till all ingredients are used.

Step 4

Insert a gulab jamun in a toothpick.

Step 5

Top with some pistachios and place the toothpick.

Step 6

Serve immediately.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Why every blogger should write a book...

Writing a book seems like an interesting concept, isn't it.Being a blogger writing on your favorite concept is like your daily cup of coffee without which you will start to get cramps in your stomach, you will feel itchy and feel frustrated.

But as a blogger, here is a question you need to ask yourself to further add to the fun, is your hard work really reaching the top notch readers who will click on that subscribe button of your page, who would like to come back to your page again & again, most importantly who would like to invest in your program.

By writing blog with high standard content day after day, slowly but surely you start to make connection with your readers, which allures them to come back again for more.

The more you write, the more you learn about the genuine concepts, pros & cons of writing, that's not rocket science to understand, it's the basic for the beginners and proficiency gaining for the experienced writers.

So how and why you should start up with your book, there are many reasons to do so.


First & foremost reason to give it a shot is that a book will directly create your own aura and space into the mind of your readers, it will connect you with your readers more precisely, they will come to know more about your writing style, persona and command over the concept, and if they like your work, they will come back.


Nowadays writers are mushrooming everywhere from Russia to China, from USA to Mongolia, in this era of internet and blogging its not hard to find good writers but how to find an excellent one, that's why I suggest you to write a book cause when it comes to pull out an extraordinary gem out of the crap stones, your book plays a crucial role, it shouts your talent out loud to the reader and pulls him one step closer to be your customer.


How many times it has happened to you that you wake up in the morning and found a link or video in your facebook or whatsapp that is funny and interesting but doesn't belong to your region, language or country.

Actually what happened is that, It simply travelled a million year distance, from one part of the world to another, from one device to another with never ending trail of shoutouts from your readers around the world just with a little bit of word of mouth or shout out on the go.

How would you like it, if same thing happens with your book, you never know.


That was the power of words which will ultimately bring you another powerful thing and that's my favorite- Moneyyy.

So to stay on track and focused somethings you have to keep in mind.

What are they, lets check them out.

1. To start up with your book, you need to be pin point clear about your vision and passion, in order to achieve this try out something which you feel comfortable & confident about, something which you know, which you can elaborate, where you you can go with the flow.

2. However standard books or ebooks are of upto 20000 to 25000 words but being a beginner you can start up with small ebooks with 5000 -10000 words but remember to ensure a strength of minimum 5000 words so that at least your readers will have some points to ponder.

3. In today's fast paced generation, patience seems to be missing from all parts of our lives, we need everything right now, at this very moment, that's where we are wrong.

My friend always remember, it will take time to reach on top unless you are born with a silver spoon in mouth.

So don't just leave everything else for your book, it's better to make a schedule, do it in chunks, when you feel most excited & fresh about writing.


So after a lot of effort you finished off your book, now what next, questions will come in your mind like how to do the rest, how to send it in market, where to sell it?

That's why I always say don't worry friend, bloogle01 is on rescue.

See, there are a lot of free software's and websites where you can go and simply publish your ebook online and sell it online.

You can show your talent to the world without spending a single penny from your pocket and that too by making some clicks.

Initially it might feel a little bit irritating and boring but as soon as you grab that rhythm, better you will get & sharper you will be.

Amazon's createspace & KDP are some of the free platforms where you can get it done without any problem.

So, whenever you get your inspiration or you make up your mind to start up with your book, to share your story with the world, don't forget to refer to the greatest legends of this field to get an idea, just have a look at some of the books of great authors and get going...

Until next time, see ya.....