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how influencer marketing works

influencer marketing strategy

'Influencer marketing' is one of the hottest things on internet specially among different marketing blogs & online digital marketing communities, it plays a crucial role to get attention of readers & allows your blog to engage audience in order to recommend your product specially on highly influential marketing platforms of social media like FB or Instagram.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

How can i make Pav Bhaji

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Easy Mumbai Pav bhaji recipe by Sanjeev kapoor

Prep Time : 16-20 minutes

Cook time : 26-30 minutes

Serve : 4

Level Of Cooking : Moderate

Taste : Spicy

Sunday, 27 August 2017

SEO ranking factors & How to write SEO content for website

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SEO content writing is the gift of life, if you are a newbie blogger who use to write for fun, who loves to write or write to live what ever is the scenario, writing a perfect blog with crisp SEO friendly content is always a great thing to have in order to boost your business & your first step to be a good content writer or blogger.

First of all, let's briefly understand what is SEO (i.e search engine optimization) &
Why SEO is important ?

Well, SEO definition can be gathered as a search engines magnet.

In simple words, SEO is a group of writing strategies & tactics applied to your blog or website in order to get noticed by search engine whenever a user searches for something similar to your niche on internet.

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To write creative content loaded with effective keywords is a great SEO tactic, different copywriters, bloggers & big SEO firms use diffferent styles of search engine optimization.

If you are asked, How to rank higher on search engine results or how to optimize your content for search engines?

SEO is the right answer.

Now let's see why SEO matters & types of SEO content :-

1. SPECIAL PRODUCT PAGE: These are special product pages made to showcase your product & its qualities on your blog or site like the ones you would have seen on Amazon.

Next time you buy something online, try to learn how to sell products online using SEO.

2. SEO LOADED POSTS : These are the most common SEO technique used by bloggers to gain huge traffic, here you create a post with the pros, cons & details of the product using special keywords to attract search engines & allure customers.

3..ARTICLES : Its a kind of SEO content mostly found on newspapers & magazines with millions of daily readers, use of creative language is one of their speciality.

4.  LIST : A list is a modern version of an article where you find most trendy headings in user friendly manner.

for example a site making furniture creates a list like "10 reasons to buy a modern sofa" or "100 designs of latest computer table" or " top 10 ways to use a folding chair "

5. GUIDES : Some sites use a unique SEO strategy of creating a guide about their products explaining almost every aspects of the product. This type of strategy is essential for products where the risk is big, where client will think twice before buying a product. for example cellular phone companies like Apple or a home appliance company like Samsung.

6. VIDEOS : According to a survey, the total no of text based websites are way more than the video blogs or sites also a user friendly video is highly effective in comparison of a well written SEO content to make a user revisit your blog.

Adding to the fact, one of the main advantages of video blogs is that you can easily connect with your audience.

7. INFOGRAPHICS : Ever heard the phrase that "A picture says more than 1000 words", yeah its true, here i would like to add one more trivia that online survey says that human brain is highly sensitive to pictures than words.

Lets see how wikipedia describes infographics, it says "Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system's ability to see patterns and trends."  

So what are you waiting for? 

Just learn how to use Infographics & get free traffic, and if you don' t know how to get started with infographics just go to or

Not one or two, there are hundreds of cases available online where the blogger was suffering like anything to grow his business, tried all the useful marketing strategies in the book, applied more than 20 excellent SEO & marketing tricks to move forward but all in vain unless they finally understand the power of blogging.

They start to write blog for their site, where they introduced their products & services directly to the customer, even the customer liked the way of describing the product and started to explore about it.

As we know, today's customer is smarter than the older times, he simply don't buy anything blindly.

So to make him press that "buy" button, the process starts when customers arrive at the site they wanna know about the product, it's details, it pros & cons, which is quite understandable as well, after all he is the one looking to spend his hard earned money.

And if he finds your website presentation interesting he would be looking to invest in your services & product, for that to happen it should be ensured that each & every step is taken precisely, cause a slight delay from your end will blew away everything and user will eventually find it not much helpful.

So, how to do that??

In this edition we'll be discussing exactly the same thing.....lets get started.


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First and foremost part of a good SEO strategy is the keyword research, which is said to be the first base of SEO and your starting point to start up as an SEO blogger.

You start to work as an SEO blogger with a strategy to get as much visitors as possible on your blog or site, which can only happen if you manage to grab the attention of the fast moving eyeballs of the user who always seem to remain in hurry.

To ensure a good catch you need a great bait which can attract the fish, understand the fact that usually bloggers create great content with excellent bullet points, description, graphics, videos & more but the whole effort doesn't get its worth price just because of low quality title & keywords.

According to Neil Patel, one of the biggest challenges of modern generation SEO is how to create Google friendly content which can attract humans also, after all at the end they are gonna need it & read it.

Bloggers simply focus on how to create a great blog title and SEO features while their primary focus should be to find the most researched and high potential keywords, which allows them to increase their post reach, everything else comes after that.

It's like preparing for the winning speech before even race started, so think about it.

We always come up with some great ideas, tips and tricks to make life easier for our readers, here are some of the tools which you can find useful to get fresh keywords for your next blog post.

Keyword tool, answerthepublic & quora are some of the public sites where you can go to find your next great idea & that is too, free of cost.



Simply applying keywords into your blog ain't gonna help until you know the secret of how to utilise the power of keywords in writing to make your blog easy to read & understand.

There are various examples of great content bloggers where they manage to introduce keywords successfully but were not able to implement them in sync with the whole content which creates a feeling like - awkward.

You have to ensure the fact that its not only about how to get more visitors or how to get your post shared online, its more about how to get users attention, that can only happen when you focus on solving common problems of bloggers or visitors, your aim should be to help people with their subject, to provide a solution better than those already available in the market, cause we are human beings much more practical, emotional & terrific than the


According to the content factory, use your best keywords in the first 300 words to get the best result out of your blog.

Some times finding a keyword to fit in a particular place might be a little difficult but to make it easy I suggest to write as much as possible to stop that writers block.

Wondering what is a writer's block?

Well writers block is a situation where he seem to loose his track and find it difficult to find new concept, inspiration and gets stuck in his limitations.

So how to avoid writers block?

Simple take a chill pill.

Take some time off, go out, have fun and take your mind out of it for some will definitely help.


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According to a brand survey, it has been found that a blog with great word strength has higher success rate in pleasing Google bots.

Search engines like to visit the site more often where they get a detailed in-depth analysis of the product with high range of examples.

A blog post should contain a minimum of 500 words while the ideal no of words in a blog post should be from 1000 to 1500 words.

However survey says that the larger the no of words in a post larger will be your chances to gain more no of visits to your blog and higher will be the ranking in Google search engine, a perfect blog post should have minimum of 2000 or more words, if you can do that on regular basis you deserve a pat on your back.


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Once you have created an awesome blog post its not over here, you got to know how to reduce the bounce back rate, how to convert your visitors into subscribers, how to force them come back for more...all this can happen only if you keep on analysing your golden stuff on regular basis.

Remember to check out which of your blog posts are doing great, how is your blog post doing, checkout the source of most of your traffic.

All these small small things can help you a lot to assess your stuff and research progress of your hard work.

For this problem, you should know the right tool to analyse your website or blog, out of various crappy tools Google analytics and SEMRush (Also promoted by Shoutmeloud), shareaholic, Yoast, all-in -one SEO are some of the favorites in the market.

They will give your blog a whole new energy and motivation to check them out.


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The top 10 secrets to make a viral post depends on various SEO based ranking factors, some of the most common concepts of blogging are mentioned here which you should take care while creating your next post.

Wikihow puts the "outline of the blog post" as the top priority in its 6 steps of SEO writing, it says subject of an awesome blog post should be pre decided & well researched before you start to write the content, cause user are not just searching for keywords they are searching a particular concept & looking for the solution of their problems.

And simply putting some good keywords into the post ain't gonna help & after the launch of Google panda update it has become way more difficult to rank into the first page of search engines using only keywords.

An excellent SEO trick includes various parts just like a human body where each part is important and has a crucial role to play....lets see some of them here


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One of the best SEO tactics is to focus on your post title, its acts just like your clothes which presents you to the world and that first appearance is the key which unlocks the door of opportunity.

Remember in order to learn how to create a great title for a blog post & to make your post go viral on social media your title should be something unique, eye catching but user friendly at the same time.

In case you don't know how to create an attractive title, here is some help, you can check out the for great keyword ideas or go to for ready to use titles based on keywords.


Image result for great content

Harsh Kumar from Shoutmeloud says it a lot that "Content is the king", be aware of the fact that no matter what is your blogs status whether it's a new startup, a growing business or a well settled blog, my friend if you know how to create content of a viral post then you are on your way to make a great blog.

It takes various small steps to create content of a great blog post.

Lets see them one by one.


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 As per survey by an SEO firm, use of medium sized paragraphs in a blog is much more user friendly compare to the full fledged long ones created by the geeks, which simply destroy readers interest & make them go to sleep, and they are not much SEO friendly either well might be a little bit.

Even if you can create great content in super size paragraphs, make it a habit to keep it short & sweet.


Image result for Talk Like A Friend

When you talk to a person there are more chances that he would be able to understand your thoughts rather than reading a mail.

According to Forbes, human brain is more sensitive to verbal communication as compare to the formal language.

And as I have worked with Google, I can say that they prefer as easy language which even a fifth grader can easily read & understand.

So follow the rule of KISS, i.e "keep it sweet & simple".

Many site owners like you find it difficult to zip their big ideas into small & easy words that's why i would like to suggest you "Read- Able", its a language optimization SEO tool to increase your audience & ensures that larger no of people from all groups of ages can enjoy your content. 


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Wordstream says its very important to know your audience before writing
a blog post, it's one of the most important points to ponder while blogging that you are aware of your audience.

Many sites & blogs lose billions of dollars just because of wrong blogging strategies, suppose a site for 18 to 28 years of age readers won't success with magazine templates while a blog based on executive business readers would be perfect in white papers or downloadable pdfs to read offline. I know why a small start up Facebook by a college teen, went on to be a multi-million dollar success, as it is filled with colors, media & photos while Wikipedia is doing great in its simplicity.

Its a good advice for finding loyal readers who will come back for more.


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Almost all the bloggers put SEO links on their website to get maximum traffic & to increase customer engagement percentage for their site.

Wikipedia makes a perfect example of exactly how to do it.

Writers find it a vital part of marketing strategy to have extreme placement of links in your blog, not only they help to engage traffic but also understand, how SEO links increase reliability of your blog and get awesome backlinks.

Now, lets have a brief look at what is a SEO link & what are the types of SEO links.

Moz says that SEO links are streets between pages as they tell search engines how pages are connected to each other.

There are 2 types of SEO Links :

1. INBOUND LINKS : Inbound links are the ones which send you to the other pages of your site only.

For example : A link on Nike's website home page which takes you to a Nike product page or contact page but doesn't leave the site, that would count as inbound.

2. OUTBOUND LINKS : Outbound links will take you outside your website to another website.

Example: Any link on this taking you to facebook or Twitter would count as outbound link.

If you don't know how to start with SEO links don't forget to checkout automatic backlink generating tools in or


Image result for meta tags

Meta tags are count as one of the golden rules of SEO for blogging, however they don't fell under the main post content but believe me role of META TAGS in blogging is really amazing.

As per a survey, "sites with proper meta tags placement use to get higher rate of clicks than those without it."

Let's see what is a meta tag and where to find meta tag in a post?

Wordstream describes meta tags as "snippets of text which describes about content of a web page."

Meta tags are placed inside HTML coding of a website and they guide search engine traffic to your blog when user search something familiar.

You can place them inside <head> or <body> section of HTML coding in following format

For keywords:

<meta content ="A, B, C etc" meta name= "keywords" >

For description :

<meta content ='blog description in 150 characters' meta name= 'descriprion' >


Related image

According to Forbes, a normal reader takes only 5 to 8 seconds to bounce back if he has to wait too much for something which is easily available on another fast loading site, many websites loose their rating just because of low server speed.

SEO specialists say about the effects of a speedy site on your conversion rate, that a fast loading site has almost 7% more conversion than others.

Various heavy sites with millions of users per month face this situation much often, recently a famous sneakers site suffered with it and lost half of their revenue for the month until they realized it, same thing happened to Reliance JIO when they launched their new smartphone few days back.

So, it would be really great if you work a little bit on how to choose a perfect web hosting partner for your site or blog before opting it. There are various sites which offer awesome web hosting packages based on your location, on a good day you can also find really cheap discount offers on web hosting (these are generally launched every month to grab new customers).

The internet is flooded with web hosting sites but not all of them are worth your money...some useful webhosting sites are as follows 

1.BLUEHOST : They offer high quality support but a bit costly.

2.HOSTGATOR : Very effective and user friendly.

3.WEBHOSTING HUB : web hosting service provider world wide.

4.1&1 INTERNET INC : Overall has a good rating.

5.A2HOSTING : One of the leading brands.

As i said there are thousands of web hosting service providers with different packages as per your requirement with almost everyone offering 99.9% uptime, do check out their packages before applying.


'Learning SEO concept' is completely different from 'how to implement SEO on your site', there are thousands of site selling online products while some have higher success rate than others. 

Proper implementation of golden rules of SEO will definitely bring results...Just have a go at it.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Fun facts with Minions


The Most Heart Breaking Moment In Our Childhood
Ghar Aaye Mehmano Ke Diye Hue 500 Rupaye
Jab Mummy Wapis Le Leti Hai


Ek Baar Gaanv Mein Bade Budhon Ko Padhane Ki Government Ne Scheme Chalai.

Ek Class Mein Teacher Padhane Laga Aur Bola: “A For Apple, B For Ball, C For Cat
Lekin Wo Bechare Samajh Nahi Pa Rahe The To Teacher Ne Dehati Tarike Se Padhana Theek Samjha Aur Padhana Shuru Kiya.
Teacher Bola: “A For Arshad Ki Maan, B For Begum Ki Maan, M For Mahmood Ki Maan, N For Nasruddin Ki Maan, Z For Zahid Ki Maan
Aise Hi Padha Kar Ek Din Test Lene Ki Sochi, Teacher Ne Board Par W Likhkar Ek Ko Khada Karke Puchha.
Teacher: “Batao Ye Kya Hai?

Ek Utha Aur Bola: “Ji Ye Lag To Mahmood Ki Maan Rahi Hai Lekin Iski To Koi Taangon Ko Ulta Kar Gaya


A Woman Returned Home On Evening And Asked Her New Maid,
Woman: “Did You Clean Out The Refrigerator As I Told You?
Maid: “Yes, Mam, And Everything Was Very Tasty


Santa Apne Bete Pappu Ka Admission Form Bharne Mein Madad Kar Raha Tha, To Pappu Ne Puchha.
Pappu: “Papa, Ye Mother Tongue Wale Box Mein Kya Likhna Hai?

Santa: “Very Long Likh De Beta


A Little Boy Was Doing His Maths Homework, Saying To Himself,
2+5 The Son Of Bitch Is 7, 3+6 The Son Of Bitch Is 9.
His Mother Heard This & Gasped: “What Are You Doing?
The Little Boy Answered: “I’m Doing My Math’s Homework Mom
Mom: “And This Is How Your Teacher Taught You To Do It?
Little Boy: “Yes
Infuriated, The Mother Asked The Teacher Next Day,
Mother: “Are You Teaching Maths To Children By Saying 2+2, The Son Of Bitch Is 4?
The Teacher Started Laughing, And Answered: “What I Taught Them Was, 2+2 The Sum Of Which Is 4

Monday, 21 August 2017

blue ivy proving to be a great big sister.....

Image result for Beyonce & twins
Whenever a family plans to have a new baby its always a great feeling for the other members to welcome a newborn into the gang, its brings a fresh feeling into the atmosphere which covers all the cuts & bruises in the family.
Its not an easy task to quickly adapt to the situation specially for the first time parents, thank god that's not the case with star pop singer Beyonce, who had twins this time around and looks like blue Ivy carter, (first daughter) is doing a great job with the babies & making the mother a bit comfy.
At the point of time when she was expecting the babies, Fans were whispering everywhere that Ivy won't be happy with the situation as she has to share all the fame and stardom of being a celebrity child with the other cute babies and she will be out of the spot light.
Related image
But thanks to the family bond and moral education given by the parents that she didn't got into any kind of self consciousness, not only that, she is proving to be a great helping hand for Beyonce.
She is helping with the babies, playing with them, handling them when momma is not there and is always there whenever needed, all in all she is a good elder sister.
Blue Ivy is quite elder than the other two newborns Sir Carter and Rumi Carter, which is a good thing in the family.
And guess what — she loves it too!!
According to a source close to Bey and JAY-Z, Blue Ivy has really taken to helping her momma care for the babies, and she hasn't hesitate to dote on her infant siblings:
"Blue is the best big sister. [She] helps Beyoncé every day."
So adorable!
Related image

Blue is just five years old, of course — but we're sure she's helping out as much as she can, and even more than that, there's no doubt she's creating a very, very close bond with those two adorable babies!
We couldn't be happier!
The source adds:
"Everyone is doing great. They are still enjoying the summer in Malibu. Blue is excited to be back in school soon. The babies are growing and very cute."
Sounds like an incredibly close, loving family!!