Friday, 20 January 2017

Donald Trump's corronation today.......

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Finally the day has arrived when America will get its 45th president.Donald Trump has been bragging about various things during his whole election campaign.some of the main points were about immigrants, islamic terrorism, and making US even stronger.

Reflecting on the peaceful transition in one of the oldest democracies of the world, the JCCIC has said the theme of Donald Trump's inauguration is "Uniquely American", which Recognises the symbolic importance of Friday's event.

"With each inauguration we embrace this uniquely American ceremony, seeing in this extraordinary ritual a reflection of the nation itself. In times of peace or war, of prosperity or crisis, inaugurations strengthen the national resolve to meet each new challenge," the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies (JCCIC) said.

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"We may consider it routine, but the inaugural ceremony remains a uniquely American expression of our constitutional system. The peaceful transition between presidential administrations signals that we are united as a people behind an enduring republic," it said reflecting on the theme of this year's inauguration.

On Wednesday, it was announced that Michael Flatley (AKA the Lord Of The Dance creator) has been booked to dance at Drumpf's Liberty Ball. Yup, the President-elect will ring in his presidency by watching Flatley and his Irish step dancing troupe break it down at Friday's bash.

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Apparently, the Inaugural Committee has been wanting to book him for awhile but didn't get a confirmation until yesterday. It's said the famed dancer will be joining Sam Moore, Travis Greene, and many other artists who have been tapped to perform at the different political parties. 

You know, (some of) The Rockettes will be performing as well. Is Trump going to make them do a dance off? Oh, we hope so….