Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Siri will finally be able to tell you cricket match scores with iOS 10.3


 Latest updates rolled out for siri on iOS 10.3 beta

Apple has rolled out iOS 10.3 beta update, and with it comes a host of improvements, fixes, and a few new features as well. One noteworthy feature is making Siri Cricket savvy, which will further endear the digital assistant to Indian users.

Basically with iOS 10.3 update, Siri will be able to keep and provide the latest scores and stats from all International Cricket Council (ICC), including the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL). Apple says you can simply ask Siri questions like ‘What are the 2016 IPL rankings?’ ‘Who leads the IPL in runs scored?’ ‘Show me Virat Kohli stats’ or something as simple as ‘When is the next Cricket match?’

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This is a much-needed update for Cricket lovers like us using iPhones. Personally, I have had to rely on Google Now and Google Search to keep track of all the matches and stats, especially during the hectic IPL period. But with Siri getting these capabilities, it should become a tad easier to keep yourself updated with the Gentleman’s sport.

Since Apple rolled out iOS 10, it has given Siri a host of new capabilities. These include the ability to book an Ola or an Uber cab, message or call via WhatsApp, announce who’s calling you, and more. It is hardly surprising to see Apple give Siri new capabilities, when you take into consideration how advanced Google Assistant or for that matter Amazon’s Alexa is. With the upcoming Galaxy S8, Samsung is believed to be integrating an AI assistant dubbed Bixby, which is said to be much more capable than Siri.