Sunday, 22 January 2017

Worlds’s Top 20 Richest Football Clubs In 2016

As far as top 20 richest clubs are concerned according to recent forbes valuation, eight premier league clubs feature in top 20 and we might expect a few more in couple of years time when the new premier league TV deal start to play its role.
Manchester United are right on their way back on top of the list if they manage to qualify for Champions League next season and combine that with new Adidas kit deal and several other shirt & commercial sponsorship deals around the world can put them in the league of their own. However as the things stand in 2017, Real Madrid and Barcelona just marginally ahead of United in terms of club valuation.

We have to consider factors like clubs matchday income, what country a club is from, their success on the field and its impact on the market value, social presence worldwide, high profile kit deals and shirt sponsorship, total yearly revenue and the debt situation of the club.

French sports money magazine “Deloitte” produces an yearly report on top 20 clubs according to their yearly revenue and here is the finding from the latest Deloitte “Football Money League” which was published in January 2017. Manchester United has overtaken both Real Madrid and Barcelona in terms of yearly revenue as they tacked up record €689 million in 2015-16 season.

Top 20 Football Clubs In Deloitte Football Money League 2017:

Deloitte divide the yearly revenue of a club in three streams, A) Match-day B) TV Broadcasting C) Commercial & Sponsorship. Since the original report features Euro (€) currency we have converted the yearly revenue numbers from euro to USD ($) as well. While the three revenue stream only feature euro currency.
Top 20 Clubs In Terms Of Yearly Revenue In 2017 (Confirmed)
1Manchester United €689m €137m€187.6m€363.9m
2Real Madrid €620.2m €121.4m€202.7m€296.1m
3FC Barcelona €620.1m €129m€227.7m€263.4m
4FC Bayern Munich €592m €101.8m€147.6m€342.6m
5Manchester City €524.9m €70.2m€215.8m€238.9m
6Paris Saint Germain €520.9m €92.5m€123.1m€305.3m
7Arsenal €468.5m €132m€167.7m€135.8m
8Chelsea €447.4m €93.1m€178.2m€148.7m
9Liverpool €403.8m €75m€163.8m€153m
10Juventus €341.1m €51.4m€199m€73.5m
11Borussia Dortmund €283.9m €54.2m€82.1m€144.3m
12Tottenham €279.7m €54.2m€125.2m€78.1m
13Atletico Madrid €228.6m €37.2m€86.6m€63.3m
14FC Schalke €224.5m €39.2m€72.6m€107.9m
15AS Roma€218.2m€30.4m€114m€36m
16AC Milan €214.7m €22.3m€79.7m€97.1m
17Zenit St Petersburg€196.5m €35.2m€103.8m€30.9m
18West Ham€192.3m €26.2m€47.7m€67.1m
19Internazionale€179.2m €24.6m€114.1m€26.4m
20Leicester City€172.1m €22.2m€97.2m€45.4m