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After a lot of promotion in India & different other countries finally Jacky Chan's much awaited movie KUNG FU YOGA has been released worldwide.Different people has their own views about it.Today we will share storyline  & overall review about KUNG FU YOGA.

As Jacky already said how much he loves Indian culture, traditions & dressing, that's why he also promoted movie in India.

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Story: Chinese archeologist, Jack, is in search of the lost treasure of Magadha. His assistants and Indian counterparts try to outsmart an Indian prince, Randall, and his army to clinch the gold.

Review:  Kung Fu Yoga is about Jack, one of China’s leading archeologists, who is enlisted by an Indian archeologist, Ashmita (Disha Patani), for finding a lost treasure that belonged to her ancestors. He comes to India along with his assistants Zhu (Yixing Zhang) and Nuomin(Miya Muqi) to unearth the mystery. But the treasure has another contender in Randall (Sonu Sood), who is equipped with a dozen kurta-clad white men, computer-animated zoo animals, sleek cars and a healthy dose of inherent greed.

The movie begins very much similar to 3 Idiots where something happens then you go in flashback. Director Stanley Tong unloads a ton of information on you in the first ten minutes, that you have to grab quickly.

This movies presents a "i know nothing about India" image of hollywood.There’s some elementary-level Kung Fu and absolutely no yoga (but how else would India be represented in the title?); the English dubbing makes for awkward viewing and many lines seem to be lost in translation; there is altogether too much CGI work and to top it all, the movie sticks to a Western view of India (Elephants! Princesses clad in jewels! Temples! Snake Charmers!). It also has a strong Raiders Of The Lost Ark-meets-Temple Of Doom vibe.

Chan seems to be restricted in his moves but still has his charm. Sonu Sood could have made for a better antagonist had he been badder. The nearest thing that the movie has to a quick repartee is not between any two characters but an interaction between Chan and a lion, which forces some giggles out of you.

ALL IN ALL, A typical Jacky Chan movie with tremendous kung fu & humurous scenes. FUN to watch.

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