Sunday, 19 February 2017


As competition in laptop market is bulking and new companies are emerging like mushrooms every company is trying to come up with something new to improve their quality, & performance within suitable budget. Samsung can't be neglected in this race, as they popped up with a cool gal called "the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin", which looks and feels like a standard 15-inch laptop, but has a 360-degree hinge, allowing it to fold back into a touchscreen tablet without compromising its laptop ergonomics.

Like other 360-degree hinge hybrids, including the popular Lenovo Yoga series, you can stop at a few points along the way, such as a kiosk mode or table tent mode, which puts the display front and center.While many Windows hybrids are essentially full-time tablets that get a keyboard added on to become a part-time laptop.
This gal knows how to go with the flow, as she got some cool moves. At this point, making waves in this crowded pool requires adding new features, better designs or other extras. In the case of this 15-inch version of the Notebook 7 Spin, you get a full-HD touchscreen with an interesting special feature. Samsung has included what it calls an HDR mode -- which mean high dynamic range.



She got the performance to beat some big guns.Now, some new televisions support a new video format also called HDR, which means special HDR content viewed on an HDR TV will have better contrast and clarity -- essentially a better balance between the light and dark parts of the picture.
You can either perform with her or let her do the solo magic.In this case, Samsung has created a software HDR filter. When flipped on, it applies an HDR-like effect to any video you're watching. Honestly, in action the effect is pretty subtle, but it's an interesting idea, and if you don't like the effect on your favorite Netflix show, you can just turn it off.


Quite frankly speaking, its a machine.Little bit of your delicate touch will get you what you want from it, and wolla ! enjoy the show. Trying some actual Netflix content specially encoded for HDR televisions (you'll need the highest-end UHD Netflix account for that), there was no evidence that the laptop was making use of the native HDR-encoded content.
She got some special tricks in her arsenal to knock out the opponents. There's one interesting extra punch in this model, an Nvidia 940MX graphics chip. That's not going to make you a top-flight gamer, but I could play some mainstream games at medium settings and full HD resolution, so that makes the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin one of the only game-friendly hybrids I've seen.
The 15-inch version of the Notebook 7 Spin comes in two configurations, currently discounted by $100 each in the US to $899 and $1,099. Both include Intel Core i7 processors and the Nvidia graphics chip, but the higher end model goes from 12GB to 16GB of RAM, and adds a 128GB SSD to the 1TB of platter hard drive space both machines share. Samsung doesn't currently offer Windows laptops in the UK or Australia, but that works out to £845 or AU$1,420. There's also a $799 (£615, AU$1,040) 13-inch version that skips the Nvidia graphics and knocks the CPU down to a Core i5.


Price as reviewed$1,199
Display size/resolution15.6-inch 1,920x1,080 touch display
PC CPU2.5GHz Intel Core i7-6500U
PC Memory16GB DDR4 SDRAM 2133MHz
Graphics2GB Nvidia GeForce 940MX
Storage128GB SSD + 1TB HDD
Networking802.11ac wireless, Bluetooth 4.0
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows 10 Home (64-bit)


She believes in hard work and not much bothered to  look sexy.Samsung, known for some really eye-catching computer designs,( such as its TabPro S tablet or the ultrathin Book 9 laptops) this time has focused on the tech more than the design. In Notebook 7 Spin you get feel of  class with gray-silver color, sweet & simple design across the interior and exterior. It's not slim or light enough to stand out but the big, bright 15-inch display keeps it from looking especially bland. This isn't a laptop that will have people coming up to you at the coffee shop to find out what it is but sure will bring you comfort.


The keyboard, with its widely spaced island-style keys, makes for comfortable typing, and includes a full separate number pad. But, the large touchpad has the same loose, floaty feel as almost all Windows laptop touchpads, at least when compared to the tightly integrated multi-touch gestures found in Apple laptops.
Inside is a low-voltage U-series Core i7 from Intel's current generation of CPUs. That's great for power users who tend to push their 15-inch laptops harder than more casual users push 13-inch models. In some application tests, the Notebook 7 Spin performed on par with other similarly configured laptops and faster than some recent Core i5 hybrids from Dell.




The Nvidia 940 MX GPU isn't going to run high-end games with high detail settings at the system's native 1080 p resolution, but I was able to run my go-to casual PC game, Bio Shock Infinite, at the native resolution and medium settings, and Tell Tale's brand new Batman game at lower graphics settings. Your mileage may vary, but it's nice to be able to at least do a little gaming on here.
Running for 7 hours 50 minutes on our standard streaming video-playback test (with the HDR mode turned off), I'm pretty happy with the battery life in this case. That's longer than Dell's Inspiron hybrids, and only a little less than the HP Spectre x360, which is one of our favorite systems in this category.


The HDR feature is more of a gimmick than a must-have feature but I like that this is a full-featured 15-inch hybrid with both a Core i7 CPU and discrete Nvidia graphics, at a price that's reasonable (although frankly, some new well-equipped Dell Inspiron hybrids have just rewritten the value calculation for this type of computer).


The floaty touchpad and overall bland design keep me from being too excited about the Notebook 7 Spin.However, I can appreciate its charms, and strength cause sometimes you want simplicity and great efficiency over flash inspite of funky design.


I would definitely recommend it to anybody looking to buy laptop specially for work & for movie buffs. Gamers can also bring this lady home without any doubt.