Saturday, 11 February 2017

Shauna Pandya - A Rising Star

An Indian-origin Canadian physician,namely "Shauna Pandya" has been shortlisted by Nasa for its 2018 space mission under the Citizen Science Astronaut (CSA) programme.

This girl competed in a CSA program where she topped, hence selected for this all important NASA's climate change study programme.

Dr Pandya, who was born in Canada, is a general physician with the Alberta University Hospital.

She has her roots in Mumbai, where her grandmother currently lives in Mahalaxmi area.

Dr Pandya, who is in Mumbai holding talks with medical professionals, was shortlisted after securing top score in the CSA programme.


  • Dr Shawna Pandya has been shortlisted under Citizen Science Astronaut programme
  • She is a general physician based in Canada
  • She is part of a team working for a project called Polar Suborbital Science in the Upper Mesosphere (PoSSUM), which will study the effects of climate change

If everything goes as per plan, Dr Shawna Pandya (32) may join the league of Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams.Ever since these ladies dashed on moon they made their mark in history, cause they are the first & second female from India respectively to go to space.They are true inspiration for all the girls,who want to achieve their dreams.Many people consider them as there idle & want to be like them.These ladies shared there secrets & their life journey in their biographies.


She is been training with other colleagues working on it.Ever since she came out as winner of the CSA programme, there are many rumours around like she is professional opera singer, taekwondo international champion etc.But she has cleared everything on her FB profile.


Besides having passion to become a doctor and astronaut since her childhood, she likes to sing as she sang once in an opera show, also she has professional training in Taekwon-do and has also done her training in Muay Thai with a Navy SEAL, as per her bio-data.

"I am being trained as a citizen scientist and there are some 120 who would be part of the space mission. The experiments in bio-medicine and medical science along with physiological, health, and environmental observations in Microgravity (PHEnOM) are also part of it. The work is distributed among the participants.

"I am also in the team working for a project called Polar Suborbital Science in the Upper Mesosphere (PoSSUM), which will study the effects of climate change," she said.

The mission is expected to start by early 2018 and there has been talks going on with various companies regarding the mission and necessary arrangements for the same.

Amazingly, A huge part of society is crazy about this sci fi stuff and they follow them blindly.

NASA's missions have always unique & interesting.They seem to focus on each small requirement which can bring a big change in society.With every new mission they seem to bring curiosity & excitement among people.


"There has been a lot of support from my family, including my mother. They were well aware of my dreams since childhood and now also they are supporting to my journey," she said.

Dr Pandya completed her B.Sc in neuroscience at University of Alberta, followed by MSc in space sciences at International Space University. Thereafter, she did her MD in Medicine from University of Alberta. She then applied for medical school as well as for the space programme at the same time.