Monday, 13 March 2017

BJP winning strategy......Updated

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BJP headed by Narendra Modi won the UP election in India & like other BJP ruled states, BJP parliamentary board will only decide who will be the next CM of UP. In Goa, BJP also claimed to make Govt, inspite of being 2nd no. party. Punjab became secular & went to Congress while Manipur is still hanging.(Nobody got majority).

Maybe BJP will try to break rules again in Manipur like they did in GOA.(Cause always largest party gets the first chance to make govt. in case of nobody getting majority)

Now lets come to our main topic.

As you must have read in newspapers or social media or news channels Everybody is asking, how the hell did BJP pulled it out again in UP after Loksabha elections 2014 win.


BSP leader Mayawati is saying that BJP has done some alteration in EVM (Electronic Voting Machine), hence she wants another election with old ballot paper system....

and what Election Commission replied....BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME.

SP-Congress alliance has already started their aftermaths after their big loss.


Starting from the beginning opposition is asking "What MODI did ?"...

Well ....Guess what !

They aren't getting anywhere cause they are asking the wrong question. 

It should be "How Modi doing it"

Its because they didn't asked vote from public they manipulated them.


Now, lets see some of the steps taken by BJP in Uttar Pradesh and science behind it.

1) They brought so much of votes in UP. How is it possible without a proper planning.....and a whole lot of help from Fake news media.

First of all they knew very well that almost 80% population is hindu in UP & 20% are rest of the religions.

Now, unlike other parties, Instead of going for different castes and religions they played the traditional hindu card but with a mask over it.

Now the sold out fake news media played their part very well continuously raising the same topic of Hindu Muslim again & again.

(And one more thing which you might not have noticed ...that all big but fake news channels run same news on same topic at same time in the that news lovers don't get any other option but to listen their crap.)

Results is quite clear, that knowingly or unknowingly people get attached to that subject and make their opinion about it.

But most of the people make positive opinion about that subject, which that channel is trying to convey.

Suppose if 1 lac people are watching a news on Pardanashin ladies, or 3 talaq and channel is conveying negatives of that topic, then chances are there that 7/10 will also make the same opinion on that topic whether they know about it or not and political party will take benefit of it.

Exactly....That was the plan of BJP to bring all the hindus together forgetting all other important topics like development.

They keep on visiting temples to connect to hindus and channels will keep on broadcasting religious programs to  keep hindus intact.

Then add some nationality by raising topics on well known national freedom fighters or Indo Pak topics to bring a unanimous feeling of nationality alongwith hinduism.

After some opposition leaders of SP raising this topic on a fake news channel, Media is trying to cut it off so that people doesn't come to know how they have been manipulated.


2) Sometimes when people get bisected in their opinion about something, they are brought together again by using nationality ? some clips of soldiers fighting on border or may be surgical strike and then connect nationality to that particular political party or leader.

Emotional Indian people will immediately connect to it. 

3) Another topic which they raised to bring female votes towards them is by bringing ABVP into action. (offcourse don't forget fake news media).

So, lets see ...what you can do to get into youths mind so that they get together and unanimously give their vote to you.So they scratch their asses out to pull this one out.

Finally...they started a huge campaign on internet, social media, and fake news media, and also some entertainment channels about a topic Boys Vs Girls 


That competition feeling immediately brought all the girls together and they started thinking as a team, as a unit and same goes for boys.....

Then sudden news flash on all news channels....

BJP will start Anti Romeo squads if they win in UP.

That insecurity feeling hit a big part of girls together and they get attracted to BJP. & BJP must be saying to girls at backend........GOTCHAA..


4) Many people say that they are scared of Modi , but don't know why.Let me tell you human psychology say when you hear a name again & again for no reason ....

you will start to be afraid of it ....its a fact. 

AAHH....Now i know why they keep on chanting their leader name "MODI MODI..." for no reason.

See its just a name like any other, which is been highlighted by the party to distract the opposition & hide their real game plan and intentions.

And also don't get shocked if you see too much of Manoj Tiwari(Delhi BJP prez) in next few months on fake news channels.

Maybe other parties will get some ideas from BJP and we will finally see some real competition in election.

5) As bloogle01 already declared, exactly the same is the strategy of BJP. See there chanting of "HAR HAR MODI..." in parliament and "BHAGO SHER AAYA...." is nothing more than a psychological game .

But the opposition is very much aware of the situation and i don't think its gonna affect them cause their experience is way too much for these silly mind games...however people have to understand this before going to polling booths in 2019.

6) Another unfortunate news is in the market that inspite of being a leader of India, Modi is becoming a leader of Hindus only and BJP is declared as a totally non secular party.

A recent example of it was found in a village of  bareilly, UP where some notices were pasted on the walls of some houses asking muslims to leave the place immediately or else face consequences.
Not only this, Name of the BJP party was also clearly mentioned in it.Now media will keep on sleeping and find some other news.

Hopeful this trend won't stay for long as i would love to see a free 
country without any religious boundaries and focus of elections should be only on development.