Tuesday, 28 March 2017


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A Boy Is Trying To Persuade His Girlfriend.
Boyfriend: “Baby, Are You Jealous?”
Girlfriend: “Nope.”

Boyfriend: “Are You Sure You Are Not Jealous?”
Girlfriend: “No! Not At All.”
Boyfriend: “So, You Are Not Jealous?”
Girlfriend: “I Already Told You, No.”

Boyfriend: “That Is So Sweet, Can I Get A Kiss?
Girlfriend: “Go Get A Kiss From That Ugly Sick Chic Who Liked Your Pictures On Facebook.


Wolverine Must Be The Laziest Person In The World.
That Man Has Blades In His Freaking Knuckles, Yet He Never Shaves.


A Little Girl Asked Her Mother: “How Did The Human Race Start?
The Mother Answered: “God Made Adam And Eve And They Had Children, And So All Mankind Was Made
Two Days Later The Girl Asked Her Father The Same Question.
The Father Answered: “Many Years Ago There Were Monkeys From Which The Human Race Evolved”
The Confused Girl Returned To Her Mother And Said: “Mom, How Is It Possible That You Told Me The Human Race Was Created By God, And Dad Said They Developed From Monkeys?
The Mother Answered: “Well Dear, It Is Very Simple. I Told You About My Side Of The Family, And Your Father Told You About His


A Boy Was Going With His Girlfriend.
A Friend Asked: “Who Is She?
Boy: “My Cousin
The Friend Smiled & Said: “Last Year She Was My Cousin



Once An Indian And An American Both Were Friends.
They Both Went Into A Chocolate Store.
Everybody Is Busy In The Store So American Steal 3 Chocolates And Put Those In The Pocket.
Both Came Out From The Store Then American Said: “Man, I’m The Best Thief Ever, I Stole 3 Chocolates And No One Saw Me, You Can’t Beat That.”
Indian Replied: “This Is Nothing, You Wanna See Something Better, Lets Go Back To The Shop And I Will Show You Real Stealing.”
So They Went To The Counter And Indian Said To The Shop Boy: “Do You Wanna See Magic?”
Shop Boy Replied: “Yes, Of Course.”
Indian Said: “Give Me One Chocolate Bar.”
Shop Boy Gave Him One, And He Ate It.
Indian Asked For The Second, And He Ate That As Well.
Indian Asked For The Third, And Finished That One Too.
The Shop Boy Asked: “But Where Is The Magic?”
Indian Replied: “Check In My Friends Pocket, And You’ll Find Them.
You Can’t Beat An Indian.