Friday, 17 March 2017

dream of jokes...hahahaaaa

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Definition Of Home

“Home Is The Place Where U Can Scratch Exactly Where It Itches”


Once Preeto Caught By Police.
Police Questioning With Her: How Did You Kill 32 People On Road With Your Car?

Preeto: “Look Sir, I Was Driving My Car At Speed Of 40, But When I Pull The Brakes To Slow The Car I Found That I Have No Brakes, And Then I Saw 2 Men Walking In The Street And A Wedding Going On At The Other Side. Who Should I Hit?”

Police: “Of Course The 2 Men With Less Damage.”

Preeto: “That’s What I Thought Myself But When I Did It, 

I Hit Only One Man And The Other Ran To The Wedding So I Went After Him.


Girlfriend And Boyfriend Doing Love Chat In Park.
Girlfriend: “How Much Do You Love Me?”
Boyfriend: “I’d Take Bullet For You.”
Girlfriend: “Awwwww! Seriously?”
Boyfriend: “Yeah, Enfield Bullet In Dowry.”


Written On A Public Toilet Door.
“The Person Coming In Next Is Not Interested In Knowing What You Had For Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast Etc,
So, Please Flush Properly.”


We Know 10 Facts About You:
Fact 1: You Are Reading This.
Fact 2: You Can’t Say The Letter ‘M‘ Without Touching Your Lips.
Fact 3: You Just Tried It.
Fact 4: Now, You’re Smiling.
Fact 6: You’re Smiling Or Laughing Again.
Fact 7: You Didn’t Notice I Missed Fact 5.
Fact 8: You Just Checked It.
Fact 9: You’re Smiling Again.
Fact 10: You Are Going To Share This On Facebook.