Monday, 20 March 2017

Easy online earning with PAYZA

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When you start to work online you should know how to start a blog, how to use web hosting, how to monetize a blog, and how to get paid.Now, successful blogging is divided into various parts but to earn online Paypal is most preferred as its here from long time.Paypal provide quick response and is highly trusted but from quite some time "PAYZA" has shared the online transaction market with Paypal globally.
Blogging is trending like anything & most of the bloggers are preferring Payza for its quick response and highly user friendly environment.Unlike Paypal , Payza is much preferred by the newbie online marketers and bloggers.Here i would like to share an example of my own where i suffered for almost three months with my Paypal account.After continously being in touch with customer care for months and unlimited complaints finally i shut down the account and created a new one. so this is the part where Paypal have to work 100%.


Since the online work is purely virtual hence you don't have to move an inch to connect to the whole world. Everything takes place with one click. Millions of dollars are transferred just like that. so to be part of this fast moving economy you have to catch up with it ...well, Payza is one of the modes to join it.

Like PayPal ,Payza also works with a single email Id to send & receive money and believe me when I say it it takes less than 2 minutes to create a Payza Id.

As soon as you create Id, you're already half way through but to make transactions you have to provide your bank account no , IFSC code and PAN no.After formal verification process...enjoy the ride.

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If you want to Send and receive money online with Payza from some international customer or vice versa then first and foremost thing is that both of them should have active accounts at Payza . Simply share your Payza Id with sending customer and with Payza user friendly interface it will be done in a snappp....


Let  me make it very clear that making a "Payza account" is absolutely free of cost but every road has a here when you send or receive money a minimal amount is deducted as a fee...after all Payza is not an NGO.

Secondly, for international players some currency exchange charge will be there but that ain't gonna hurt while doing it from your couch lying infront of television.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Payza

Is Payza a Bank?

No, Payza is not a bank. It is a service that acts as a middleman in transactions of money among banks.

Is Payza Safe and Secure?

Yes. Some people say that it is even more safe and secure than online credit card transactions. Payza uses HTTPS throughout their website.

Is Payza a free service?

Yes and no; it depends which side you're on. Payza charges a transaction fee -either payer or payee has to bear this cost. The other party does not need to pay anything.

Well, although Payza also earns by charging a transaction fee but I guess their major income source is the interest on funds they hold. As I mentioned earlier, you can keep money in your Payza account. Payza earns interest on this money.

Does Payza offer affiliate program?

Yes, Payza do have it but its called as referral program.Refer someone and earn money. You can earn up to $10 USD per referral.
Earn $5 for each of your first ten referrals and $10 each for every one after.

What are the benefit of using Payza for business?

You can very well setup your business and use Payza for online sale-purchase. This method of monetary transaction is hassle-free if compared with online credit card transactions. For accepting payment through credit card, you would need to setup a payment gateway, acquire and renew SSL certificate etc. But for Payza, all you need is an email ID.

Can money be transferred for personal reasons?

Yes, you can do personal transactions also. Let's say you've borrowed money from a friend and now you're in a different country -you can use Payza to return money to your friend.

Can I close my Payza account?

Yes, you can close your account anytime you want.

Can I open more than one Payza account?

Yes, you can have multiple Payza accounts.

How much time does it take for transfer?

Transfer is instant from one Payza account to another.

How much time does it take for money to get transferred in my bank account?

Transfer of money from Payza to your bank account typically takes 5-7 working days depending on processing speed of the bank involved.

Does money come via email?
No! many new users get an impression that the money comes “attached” with an email. This is absolutely incorrect and not possible. Email IDs are used as identities in Payza accounts. That is why it is sometimes said that money is going from one email ID to another email ID.

Who pays the transaction fee?
It is important that the transacting parties decide before hand about who will pay the transaction fee. If the sender has to pay then the sent amount should include the Payza fee.

Friends, this is how you can make use of Payza in sending and receiving money for your products/services. For bloggers, content writers etc. Payza is very convenient. 

Do let me know if you have any questions. Also point to any error in this articles because over the period of time policies keep on changing. I would be thankful.