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how to MAKE MONEY from blogging ?

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If you are thinking on how to start blogging or already a newbie blogger.Then you are at right place.Newbie bloggers firstly must refer to our EASY 1-2-3 BLOGGING GUIDE
Now that you have started a blog successfully, A question arises to earn from a blog.Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. Whether you are a blogger or going to start a blog, reading this article can be beneficial for you. There are two most popular advertising programs i.e. Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing for making money online. Moreover, these platforms are best at their place but there is Difference Between Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing. Although, there are many Affiliate Programs available whose approval process is quite easy than Google AdSense.

Today I am going to share different ways of earning with blogging using Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing so that you will also easily understand the Difference Between Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing. So, you can choose the best ad network for your blog. I hope you will get enough information about both by reading this article.
Affiliate marketing is a kind of digital marketing where a bit of homework is needed, actually a lot of homework is needed.Now,If you are a newbie blogger then don’t go for affiliate marketing first because it is best suits for professional bloggers. Rather I will recommend you to join Google AdSense advertisement program or any other advertisement program later on you can opt for Affiliate program.
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Have you heard about Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing?
Yes? Good!
But if you have not heard about these two advertisement programs yet then I will tell you the basic Difference Between Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing.
Before moving further let’s know basic of Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a free service of Google which displays Google Ads to different websites or blogs. If a person clicks on the Google ad from publisher’s website then Google pay to publishers on basis of PPC (pay-per-click) and PPI (pay-per-impression). Moreover, AdSense allows publishers to make money by displaying Google ads on their blogs and sites. If you have good traffic to the website, then Google AdSense can generate high revenue for you.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

In Affiliate Marketing, a publisher advertises merchant’s product on their site. If a visitor makes a purchase of merchant’s product from publisher’s website than publisher get the commission. Also, this ad program allows the merchant to expand its brand reach in the market. Besides, Publishers can make money by generating sales for merchant’s business.For affiliate pros who always run out of  topics to make post, we have already given 'Affiliate marketing with Affilitizer.'
But both the cases one thing is common thats money.Now you have to find a financial partner for online transactions.Most trusted and well known among them is Paypal.You can open an account on paypal or go directly from here... 
For those who are not aware of Paypal can check our A2Z Paypal Guide.