Tuesday, 14 March 2017

kickass jokes....

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Professor To Students: “I Want You To Write An Essay With The Following Elements:
1. Religion

2. Royalty

3. Sex And

4. Mystery

After Two Minutes

Pappu Shouts: “Done

Professor: “Let Me See

Professor down seeing Pappu's creepy mind :
Oh My God, Says The Queen, I Am Pregnant Yet… I Don’t Know Who Did It


Great Thought Of Baba Sexidas On Global Warming

Earth Is Getting Hotter And Brighter Each Day

Is She Trying To Impress Jupiter Or What?


Reality Of Human Society
Cigarettes, Lighters,
And Matchboxes,
Have Connected More People Than “Nokia” Has.


A Rich Woman Stops On A Traffic Signal And A Begger Come To Her For Begging.
Woman Confused: “Arrey, I Have Seen You Somewhere.
Beggar: “Madam, Don’t You Remember? 
I Am Your Friend On Facebook.


Newtons Laws On Love Worth Mentioning...

Universal Law: “Love Can Never Be Created Nor Be Destroyed, It Can Be Transfer Only From One GF To Other”

1st Law: “A Boy In Love With A Girl, Continue To Be In Love Until Any External Agent (Her Bro, Her Father) Comes Into Play & Breaks The Leg Of Boy”

2nd Law: “The Rate Of Change Of Intensity Of Love Of A Girl Towards Boy Is Directly Proportional To instantaneous Bank Balance Of Boy And Discretion Of This Love Is equally proportional to Increment Or Decrements In Bank Balance”

3rd Law: “The Force Applied While Proposing A Girl By A Boy Is Equal & Opposite To The Force Applied By The Girl While Slapping”