Sunday, 26 March 2017

Really hilarious......hahahaaa

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Once Santa’s Wife (Preeto) Was Driving When She Saw The Flash Of A Traffic Camera.
Preeto Figured That Her Picture Had Been Taken For Exceeding The Limit Even Though She Knew That She Was Not Speeding.
Just To Be Sure, She Went Around The Block And Passed The Same Spot, Driving Even More Slowly, But Again The Camera Flashed.
Now She Began To Think That This Was Quite Funny, So She Drove Even Slower As She Passed The Area Once More, But The Traffic Camera Again Flashed.
She Tried A Fourth And Fifth Time With The Same Results And Was Now Laughing As The Camera Flashed While She Rolled Past At A Snail’s Pace.
Two Weeks Later, She Got Five Challans For Driving Without A Seat Belt.


A Married Man’s Honest Confession:
“I Always Read My Wife’s Horoscope To See What Kind Of Day I Am Going To Have.”


During A Visit To The Mental Hospital,
I Asked The Director: “How Do You Determine Whether Or Not A Patient Should Be Admitted To The Hospital”
The Director Said: “Well, We Fill Up A Bathtub, And Then We Give A Teaspoon, A Teacup And A Bucket To The Patient And Ask Him To Empty The Bathtub”
I Said: “Oh, I Understand, A Normal Person Would Use The Bucket Because It’s Bigger Than The Spoon Or The Teacup”
The Director Said: “No, A Normal Person Would Pull The Drain Plug, Well…. Would You Prefer A Bed Near The Window?


Once Upon A Time,
Every Man Wanted His Wife To Look Like Aishwarya,
And Now,
Aishwarya Has Started Looking Like Every Man’s Wife.



How To Teach A Girl Dance In Just 5 Sec?
Simple The Best Answer Given By Pappu
Throw A Cockroach On Her.