Thursday, 9 March 2017

UP Election Expected Results

Now that exit polls are out, and as expected from the sold out fake news media, its showing only one party winning in almost all 5 states.

Can you smell something...

It clearly shows that either they think people are fool or they are too smart.

Now, people are getting edgy about the results and can't wait for 11 march.

Ok, lets go.

Now, lets check the it is








Now, that the elections are over in five states(UP, Uttarakhand, Goa, Manipur & Punjab), all eyes are on 11th of march, when election results will be declared.Highlights will be none other than the UP election results, which ended in dramatic style, after a hectic 3 day campaign of  Prime Minister Narendra Modi (BJP) in Varanasi, A massive road show of  Akhilesh Yadav (SP) & Rahul Gandhi (Congress), and a Mahamaya rally of Mayavati (BSP).
Thanks to electronic voting machines (EVMs), exit polls are now becoming the more popular appetizer to the main course that is the counting day.


Still, how often are such polls correct?

Turns out, that the accuracy of such polls is mixed. 

Representational image. CNN News 18

The Election Commission (EC) has prohibited exit polls for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections till 5.30 pm on 9 March following the death of the Samajwadi Party candidate for the Alapur seat, in the wake of which polling, originally scheduled for 27 February, has been pushed back to Thursday, an official said.
State Chief Electoral Officer T. Venkatesh said on Monday that if any media organisation published or broadcast exit polls before the stipulated deadline it would be treated as violation of the Model Code of Conduct and strictly dealt with.
Voting in Uttar Pradesh began on 11 February and was scheduled to conclude on Wednesday after a hectic, long drawn and caustic campaigning by various political parties.The earlier deadline of the exit polls was 30 minutes after the conclusion of the staggered seven-phase polls on 8 March.
Results of the 403 state assembly seats would be announced on 11 March.
Hectic preparations were underway across the state for the counting of votes. The Electronic Voting Machines are stored under heavy security in the 75 districts of the state.
Raising the stakes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done unprecedented level of canvassing in his home turf, which has five assembly seats, by campaigning in the city for three days on the trot.


His rivals, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav of SP and his ally Rahul Gandhi of the Congress, have sought to corner the prime minister in the city by carrying out intensive campaign, including taking a big road show.
The BJP, which is hopeful of capturing power in the state after 15 years in the wilderness, virtually functioned out of the holy city as its chief Amit Shah and other top party leaders shifted their base here weeks ahead of the polls.
However, it was Modi who left no stone unturned as he criss-crossed his constituency.
He held two back-to-back road shows, addressed four public meetings, visited an influential ashram and offered tributes to former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri - all in a span of three days - as he sought votes for his party candidates.
The BJP holds three and the Samajwadi Party two of the five seats in the outgoing Assembly but the former is making a determined bid to oust rival parties from Modi's turf.
But it has met a formidable challenger in the SP-Congress alliance and a massive road show by Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi through the heart of the city has sparked some concerns in the saffron camp.
Political observers believe that such a keen contest and campaigning should result in a relatively high polling percentage.


First and foremost thing about elections is never ever listen to fake news media (as Trump phrase them).
Now, lets see what actually happened in UP elections.


Before election started, it was looking like one man show of Akhilesh Yadav, and a fight of prestige for BJP & BSP, while congress was in no mans land.
Then came the fake news media trying to highlight a small family issue into a big political dispute in Samajwadi Party to support some other party.(well, that's a guess...haha).
Suddenly out of nowhere, Congress realized their situation at the right time and Congress Hand held the SP cycle, to give some extra push.(That was like icing over the cake for SP).
Well, Akhilesh Yadav has made a place for himself among UP people. They are not at all against the CM.UP People love their CM, a young confident & energetic man with ever smiling face.
So, this fake plot to divide voters failed. 

Image result for UP EXIT POLL


Now, As soon as election started, In the initial stages it was looking like this Dhoni- Yuvraj singh jodi (rahul & akhilesh) is gonna finish in style,with BJP & BSP almost out of the race.
Wait, wait...not so fast ! Here come the fake news media in picture again, but with a different plan altogether.What happens is Mayawati(BSP), whose election campaign was almost invisible so far, Suddenly every news channel gives full length broadcast of BSP rallies.....Not to mention, WHY ?



As visible from a common man perspective, While reaching 3-4 stage of elections, BJP completely lost it & went out of their senses and again played their nasty card of religion.Not to bisect Muslim voters, but to bring in hindu voters.
Its felt nasty because our PM said so.
Talking trash on Shamshan, Kabristan & electric supply.Sorry to say but he lost respect from his fans including me.
People saying that budget alloted for Kabristan is twice that of Shamshan.See even a child will understand it, that you can burn a body after death(thats hindu culture) in limited space but can't bury a body(as in Kabristan) one over another.
In short more space is needed.

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It was not over ....The final trick was yet to be played, if you have noticed, During the last stages of elections, (except that road show) not a single live rally of SP-Congress alliance was displayed live on news channels, while they were doing almost 7 rallies in a day. And other parties were getting full coverage.
WHY know it...Fake news.
And i can say, to some extent this will work & might hurt SP-Congress alliance and may result in loss on some seats.
All these actions and reactions are part of election campaign and no matter what happens it will continue.


Some people might say i am being biased but believe me from a layman's view, it looks like Dhoni & Yuvraj are gonna lift the UP Cup, in this nail biting last ball match...with BJP & BSP fighting hard for second place.