Sunday, 16 April 2017

It's a Crazzzy night jokes....


Man Dies. In Heaven He Sees A Large Wall Full Of Clocks.
He Asks Angel: “What Are These For?
Angel Answers: “These Are Lie Clocks, Every Person Has Lie Clock! Whenever You Lie On Earth, Clock Moves.
The Man Points Towards A Clock And Asks: “Whose Clock Is This?
Angel Says: “Its Mother Teresa’s. It Never Moved, Showing That She Never Told Lie
The Man Asks: “Where Is Indian Politician’s Clock?
Angel Replies: “That’s In Our Office, We Use It As Table Fan



Girl: “Which Laptop Do You Have?

Boy: “Dell XPS15, i7 Processor, 2.2 Ghz, LED Display, 4GB Ram, 1TB Hard Disk And 2GB Nvdia Grafics Card And 
Which 1 You Have?

Girl: “Pink One


A Man Was Going In His Ferrari Suddenly Had An Accident.
The Car Was Totally Wrecked But Some How The Man Was Safe.
Policemen Arrives
Man Cried: “Officer, My Brand New Car.
Officer: “You Are Such A Materialistic Sir, You Even Haven’t Notice That Your Left Arm Has Been Cut Off.
Man Looks At His Left Arm And Yells: “Oh My God! My Rolex Watch.


Researchers Now Believe That Raavan Cannot Be Evil,
One Who Takes Away Your Wife Can Only Be An Angel.


Question: “When Do You Congratulate Someone For Their Mistake.”
Answer: “On Their Marriage.