Saturday, 1 April 2017

1st April special.....

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Girl Is Going Into The Operation Theater For Her Heart Surgery.
She Holds Her Boyfriend’s Hand Tight & Said,
Girl: “I am Having Heart Surgery Today.”
Boy: “Yes I Know, Don’t Worry Baby.”
Girl: “I Love You.”
Boy: “I Love You The Most.”
After The Surgery, Girl Wakes Up And The Only One Next To Her Is Her Father.
Girl: “Where Is He?”
Father (Surprised): “Don’t You Know Who Gave You That Heart?
Girl: “OMG, What? Noooooo (Starts Crying)”
Father: “I Am Just Kidding, He Went To The Toilet.


Boy: “Can I Hold Your Hand?”
Girl: “No”
Boy: “Why?”
Girl: “Because It Hurts When You Leave It”
Boy (In His Mind): “Oh My God, I Am Acting But She Is Overacting”


Man Dies. In Heaven He Sees A Large Wall Full Of Clocks.
He Asks Angel: “What Are These For?
Angel Answers: “These Are Lie Clocks, Every Person Has Lie Clock! Whenever You Lie On Earth, Clock Moves.
The Man Points Towards A Clock And Asks: “Whose Clock Is This?
Angel Says: “Its Mother Teresa’s. It Never Moved, Showing That She Never Told Lie
The Man Asks: “Where Is Indian Politician’s Clock?
Angel Replies: “That’s In Our Office, We Use It As Table Fan


A Man Gifted His Wife A Diamond Necklace, For Their Anniversary,
And His Wife Didn’t Speak To Him For 6 Months,
That Was The Deal.



Height Of Branded Stupidity...

A Girl Was Walking Besides A River,

Suddenly She Saw A Crocodile,

She Shouted

Oh My God

Lacoste Lacoste.