Monday, 24 April 2017

wOW...Kylie Jenner in trouble again.....

Protesters and the Kardashian family haven't really seen eye-to-eye lately — or ever — and it's not just Kendall Jenner taking heat!
Last night in Las Vegas, Kylie Jenner was attending the grand opening of Sugar Factory (pictured at the event above) when she paused for photos on the red carpet at the event… and promptly got "bum rushed" by protesters!!!

There's a context here, of course: the protesters were animal rights activists, and they were there specifically to heckle and shout down Kylie over her stance on wearing fur.


They screamed that Kylie had "blood on [her] hands" as the exasperated reality TV star clearly looked annoyed and disheveled.
As you'll see above, she wasn't wearing any fur to the event, but this was a pre-planned thing and the activists wanted to make it clear that it wasn't cool for her to sport fur in the past.
The protesters didn't physically touch Kylie, but they were VERY loud — and it all happened so quickly and so strongly, it forced Miz Jenner to cut her photo set short and flee for cover !


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