Friday, 7 April 2017

Ruling Party BJP wanna make India like china...

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India had a long history since its birth, a very vast variety of cultures & religions resides in this 7th largest country of the world.People from different castes, creeds, religions came and settled here permanently, because of India's adapting nature like a mother who loves each & every child equally and unconditionally.

In the initial days of India, this 2nd most populous country of the world, was talked about for its rich cultural heritage and unity in diversity.As that was not enough, India was given a perfect name "The Golden Bird". Even some of the extremely famous martyr songs mention it clearly.

Later came people with wrong mentality who had the sarcastic motto.The country which was known and loved like anything turned into a battle ground. Badass people came here to rule, they drew line in this country, created havoc, destroyed the peace in the country.

Their agenda was to highlight & spread feeling of upper class, lower class, Hindu, Muslims etc which effected our country big time. People fell right into the trap and rest is history.

Everybody knows why Indo-Pak politicians cooking the Kashmiri "birbal ki khichdi".

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At this moment, same thing is happening in the internal politics of both the countries, Instead of working on how to make a better nation, they are barbecuing political kababs.They are more into pointing towards each other. Pak was totally communal mentality from the beginning with other religions existence almost like peanuts in chikki, so nothing much to talk about them.

Now the ruling party in India (BJP) is following the footsteps of Pakistanis. Every fourth person is bee buzzing on hindu muslim matter or cow cutting & The sold out media is putting branded high quality ghee in this fire to ruin the unity in country.While the actual roll of media should be to keep the ruling party on their toes. 

Sometimes i feel like BJP has taken the south Indian movie "The no 1 businessman" too seriously. Those who are much curious about BJP winning streak should watch this movie.

From backdoor hindu religion is more on focus than the country itself, On a large scale perspective, this paradigm shift of Indians towards religion is not at all tasty.

I wonder why, Indian ATS finding so many terrorist from different states of the country !!!!!! 

Politicians will do whatever it take to stay in government, they won't listen.If the scenario remains the same for another 5 to 10 years, then that day is not far away, when "MY INDIA" will no longer remain a democratic country (or democratic for just name sake).

Soon India will become a communist country like China.

Its really alarming ! Our Politicians have a point to ponder...