Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Golden Rules for Bloggers...

Whether you're starting to blog, or you're a pro blogger, or a social media expert, some questions always juggle in your mind like what's the right content, how to make my content google friendly, how to bring in heavy traffic to my site.
If you want to drive great engagement and conversation on your site, you have to make sure that the content you are going to create is worth your time & money. However, there are various ways to Validate Your Blog Posts.
So, without wasting much time, let’s see some of the golden rules to follow
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Market Research
One of the most important rule for any successful business is Market Research. See what is popular in the market and which topic is generating high-conversation. Also, analyze needs to your consumer and your competition in the market. Once you analyzed then create your blog post accordingly. Its need not be on SEO, or social media.it can be on any topic you  have command on.
I know millions of sites which are not on SEO or social media but have business of millions of dollars.

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Take Feedback & work on it
Nowadays people take effective steps to stay on the right path, one of them is via taking feedback from your audience about what they wanna eat & on what they'll puke. Also, you can ask their feedback on various topics and check which topic is more popular. You can ask them via Email or you can send them polls about relevant topics. 


Checkout What's the hotcake

You just need to find out what is popular with your audience. You can take advantage of Google Analytics to see which type of post of is getting the most traffic and high conversation. Additionally, you can check how much time people spend on a particular type of post. You can pick the related topic and start writing. In our, there are two posts, which are most trending and well-popular articles.

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Social Media
As also mentioned in my earlier posts social media is a magic wand, you just have to learn when & how to swing it.We all know social media network is the best platform to drive traffic to a website or blog. Also, it is one of the honest ways to Validate Your Blog Posts. You can get realtime feedback from your friends and followers on social media. Moreover, you can start a poll on popular social media platforms such as Facebook , LinkedIn, twitter, Instagram and much more. 
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Most important rule

You might think I am being harsh but seriously, the most imp rule of them all is to follow the above four rules strictly.