Monday, 3 April 2017

Really wackyy jokes ever...


Did You Know That:
“The Pleasure Of Romance In The Dark Is 10 Times More Than When The Light Is On.”
“Taking Shower Together With Your Partner Increases Your Love By 20 Times.”
“Now, Please Don’t Get Excited, It’s An Advertisement To Save Water And Electricity.”
Issued In The Public Interest.


Question: "When Do You Congratulate Someone For Their Mistake.

" Answer: "On Their Marriage."


Girlfriend Is Like Internet Virus,
She Will Enter Your Life,
Scan Your Pocket,
Transfer Your Money,
Edit Your Mind,
Download Her Problems,
Delete Your Smile & Hang Your Life.
So Avoid Your Girlfriend & Send Her Number To Me Don’t Worry About Me,
I Am A Professional Anti Virus



One Morning At A Doctor’s Clinic A Patient Arrives Complaining Of Serious Back Pain.
The Doctor Examines Him And Asks Him: “Tell Me What Happened To Your Back.”
The Patient: “Sir, I Work For A Local Night Club.
This Morning I Go To My Apartment Early And Heard Some Noise In My Bed Room.
On Entering I Knew Someone Had Been With My Wife And The Balcony Door Was Open.
I Rushed Out Of The Balcony Door And Did Not  find Anyone.
As I Looked Down From The Balcony I Saw A Man Running Out And He Was Dressing Himself.
I Was Very Angry, I Grabbed The Fridge And Threw It At Him.
It Was Very Heavy, That Is How I Strained My Back.”
Few Hours Later, A Second Patient Arrives As If He Has Been In A Car Wreck.
The Doctor: “My Previous Patient Looked Bad, But You Look Terrible, What The Hell Happened To You?”
2nd Patient: “You Know I Have Been Unemployed For A While Now,
Today Was The First Day At My New Job, I Forgot To Set My Alarm And I Was Late.
I Was Running Out Of The Building, Getting Dressed At The Same Time, I Was Hit By A Fridge.
I Don’t Know How And Where From This Fridge Fall On Me?”
Before Closing Hours, The Third Patient Comes To The Clinic.
He Looks Like He Was Punished In Hell. The Doctor Is Shocked.
Doctor: “What Is The Hell Happened To You?”
3rd Patient: “Well, It Started Like This, I Was In A Fridge.