Sunday, 9 April 2017

School-o-matic jokes......

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We Pronounce 22 As Twenty Two,
33 As Thirty Three,
44 As Forty Four,
55 As Fifty Five.
Then Why Not We Say 11 As Onety One?
Doubt By –  Last Bench Association.


Love Marriage Ka Fayda?

Baba Saxidas Ke Ek Bhakt Ne Unse Puchha

Bhakt: “Baba Ji, Ye Love Marrigae Ka Kya Fayda Hai?

Baba Ji Muskuraye Aur Bhakt Ko Ankh Marte Hue Bole

Baba Ji: “Bacha Simple, Suhag Raat Wale Din Sharmane Mein Time Waste Nahi Hota


Four Guys, From Harvard, Yale, MIT And Santa Singh From Punjab University Were To Be Interviewed For A Prestigious Job.

One Common Question Was Asked To All Of Them.

Interviewer: “Which Is The Fastest Thing In The World?

Yale Guy: “Its Light, Nothing Can Travel Faster Than Light

Harvard Guy: “It’s The Thought, Because Thought Is So Fast It Comes Instantly In Your Mind.

MIT Guy: “Its Blink, You Can Blink And Its Hard To Realize You Blinked.

Santa Singh: “Its Loose Motion.
Interviewer Shocked To Hear Santa’s Reply, Asked: “Why?
Santa Singh: “Last Night After Dinner, I Was Laying In My Bed And I Got The Worst Stomach Cramps, And Before I Could Think, Blink Or Turn On The Lights, It Was Over


Six Answers Given By A Girl When She Is Proposed.
1. No, I Don’t Love You.
2. I Need Some Time.
3. I Have Always Seen You As A Friend.
4. I Already Have A Boy Friend.
5. We Should Concentrate On Our Studies
6. You Don’t Even Know Me Yet?
This Is Infatuation.
Six Answers Given By A Boy When He Is Being Proposed By A Girl.
1. Yes, Yess, YESSSSS.
2. Your place or mine.
3. Y we are wasting time here, lets have fun.
4. whats your flavor.
5. lets find hideout, its gonna rain.
6. Damn....lets play.



Santa At Railway Station To Other People: “Did Anyone Lose Money Wrapped In A Rubber Band?
One Said: “Yes I Did
Santa: “Well, It’s Your Lucky Day, I Found The Rubber band