Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Find why badass guys are in stress...

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5 Frogs Sitting On A Log.
4 Decide To Jump Off.
How Many Are Left?
Still 5 Left
Moral: “Lot Of Difference Between Deciding And Doing


Heart Touching Lines By A Chain Smoker:
I Trust On Cigarettes More Than Girls,
Because, I Am Ready To Damage My Lungs But Not My Heart.



The Blue Whale Ejaculates Over 40 Gallons Of Sperm When Mating.
Only 10% Enters The Female

And You Always Wondered Why The Sea Tasted Salty?


A Tata Nano Breaks Down On A Roadside.
A BMW 750Li Stops To Help The Old Driver Of Nano.

BMW Driver Said: “I Will Tow You To The Next Service Station, But If I Drive Too Fast Please Flash Your Lights.”
Nano Driver Agrees.
They Start Up Slowly, But They Only Cross A Mile Or Less, Suddenly A Porsche Comes At Speed 190km An Hour From Behind And Overtook Them.
The BMW Driver Forgets About The Nano & Guns It After The Porsche.
Just As All 3 Of Them Tear Through A Speed Trap.
The Cop Radios The HQ To The Station: “You Won’t Believe I Just Saw A BMW & Porsche Racing Past 190km/h Behind Them A Nano Flashing Its Lights To Overtake.



Come Like A Horse, Sit Like A Thief, And Go Like A King
This Slogan Was Written On A “Toilet Door