Tuesday, 16 May 2017

how to become a bitcoin miner....

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As promised, I am sharing with you 'how to become a successful Bitcoin miner'.

Bitcoin mining is one of the latest tends in online work but most of the people are not aware of how to get started with bitcoins mining.

So, how to be a bitcoin miner without using: 

  • Any equipment.
  • Heavy data usage.
  • Electricity.


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Answer to the question is by using online faucets.

Now, question arises what is a faucet?

See, Faucet (i.e Bitcoin making site) is like an online equipment which follows the whole process of Bitcoin mining like that we read in previous posts.

It involves Bitcoin mining by following these steps :-

  • Solving Mathematical Problems.
  • Identifying picture quizzes.
  • Arranging the puzzles.

This process involves a whole sequence of problem solving, to generate bitcoins.

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Now, here is an easy example to understand how a simple bitcoin faucet looks like.

Understand one thing here, cause you are doing it online FREE OF COST, you will be getting only a small amount (i.e Satoshi) with some fix commission to the site(i.e Satoshi Faucet) as well.

A quick note here - Like we have Weighing units as Milligram, Gram, Kilogram, similarly 'Satoshi' is the smallest unit of Bitcoin.
You will be paid in Satoshis from each faucet.

But you can cash in big time with some effort by spending few hours daily.You can find online, how faucets are making people rich everyday.

So, it depends on U......how much you can earn.


Image result for process of online satoshi faucets

Now, lets move on with the process.

First of all open the faucet, simply enter your bitcoin wallet address, click on the checkbox, complete the puzzle or mathematics problem.

And finally click on 'Get Reward' to receive your bitcoins in your wallet address which you have entered.

Another question must be clicking in your mind that we understood the process but from where to get these faucets.

See, there are millions of faucets available which get created & removed daily.

Their survival depends on faucets earning.

SO, To find faucets simply go to Google & enter "Satoshi Faucet" or "Faucet".....& VOLLA.


Wrapping It Up

Now that you have learned the secret of becoming a Bitcoin miner.What are you waiting for ?....Join the Trend, Enjoy the earning & for any queries throw in your comments.