Thursday, 4 May 2017


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If you just started your blog & it doesn't feel like anybody is interested in reading it.You are at the right site my friend, cause this was the story of almost all the successful bloggers & writers in the beginning.They struggled a lot more than others to reach where they are today.It may seem like a little bit cheesy but its true.

They all followed a golden rule to beat the best in the business, to reach the top of the mountain, to totally kill it.....So, Why can't we? See the thing is they were not as lazy as we are specially me...Yeah , yeah..don't get itchy

I will tell you the golden rule, so read my words : " Hard work & Patience always get paid ".

Its thats easy my friend, what you thought i'm gonna give you some Aladdin's chirag to rub & rule the world. 

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Now, lets face it while working as a blogger one common problem which every newbie faces is that during initial stages you don't get much of a response and you get discouraged & decide to leave blogging, that's why i called you lazy...don't get angry on me .....its human nature.

To solve this problem i have come up with a solution.See, there exist many online portals where you can use your writing talent & hit a home run.No, seriously there are many sites available online where you can work as a professional writer and get paid handsomely....but here also don't forget our golden rule...."Hard work & Patience".

Its really important to earn your bread from somewhere until your blog kicks off.Now, a question must be knocking at the door of your brain, OK , i got it , i am also in the same situation but how to get started, how to find such site.....WELL, WELL , WELL ....As i told you in the beginning you're at site my friend.There are many sites in this field but i will recommend to go with CONTENTMART.

They are free of cost, easy to start with, user friendly and most importantly they will teach you, as they have some test sessions to check your capability to place you where you actually belong.

Once you register and fill your profile 100%, you're ready to go.You can bid on projects from Clients round the world & get paid once its done.

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CONTENTMART support both wire transfer & Paypal .Now don't tell me you don't have are lagging behind my friend, get it now...

And if you don't know how to get Paypal ....bloogle01 is on rescue...Remember what i said you are at right site....checkout our Paypal guide here.

OK, Back to Contentmart here you can easily apply for work posted by clients around the world once the deal is struck with client know what to do.....Yeah Right ...."Hard Work" but not patience this time, cause clients will not wait for long, they will give you a deadline to submit the work back to them.Remember while creating account you have to select account type whether you wanna be a client or writer.

So, hurry up....join ContentMart ...& keep the flow going.....