Saturday, 20 May 2017

IPL 10 finals expected result...MI VS RPS

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After 45 days of excitement & thrill, IPL 10 is inching closer to its grand finale, with Mumbai Indians & Rising Pune Super Giants as the finalists.
As the game of thrones will be played between the two best teams of this season, the market of betting is heating up.

Everyone is betting for his favorite team, whom are you supporting?
  • Is it Mumbai Indians
  • or the Super Giants 
You won't believe, Even the specialist commentators like Ajay Jadeja, Nikhil Chopra & one of my favorite commentators after Sherry.....

Danny Morrison were saying that "RPS came out of the blues, nobody saw them in finals".

That's why cricket is the game of impossibilities, any thing can happen in cricket, specially in IPL.

Now, among all the glamour, fun & free VIVO mobiles competition....the big question stays.

However, i wasn't lucky enough to grab a VIVO mobile.

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  • will it be double SS from super giants?
  • or the mumbaiyya chhora Rohit sharma?

Most of the Hyderabadi fans are in dilemma, whom to cheer in the finals, cause they love them all.

All the die hard cricket fans are up for a nail biting match, no matter who wins.At the end of the day cricket should be the winner. 

But the bookies are having panic attacks in deciding who will win, as MI & RPS are both dominating in their matches. is a bit confusing but where there is a will, there is a way.

As far as the final is concerned, My heart is saying that "After a heart pounding finish, the nation is gonna sing & dance with Mahi & Smith" 

but mind says "Kiss my ass....Mumbai will come out all guns blazing to bring the ultimate pleasure

So, After pressing the pulse of the nation, the sweet pain is pulling down the weighing scale a little bit in favor of MI.