Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Jinder Mahal 2nd Indian blood after khali to become WWE champion.

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At Backlash, after winning the WWE championship, Jinder Mahal aroused the memories of year 2007, when the great khali entered into the ring with The Phenom Undertaker to put India's name on WWE history book forever.

At Backlash, Jinder Mahal defeated Randy Orton in a tough fight to pull out what was thought impossible for him.Since the emerge of his new finishing move he is on a roll.

However, some people might be saying that

  • he doesn't deserve to be a champion 
  • or he has to fight well to stay on top cause each & every superstar will be thirsty of his blood right now.

Yeah ...its a bit surprising that suddenly Jinder Mahal "The Maharaja" of WWE came out of nowhere, to rule the WWE Universe.

Well, finally some luck favoring him from all sides, top to bottom. 

But you can't negate the fact that 'The Maharaja' of WWE is in best shape of his life, i mean how many superstars have got veins kicking out of their skin.

Well ....Fortune favors the brave...let's see how far he goes with our heartily congos......

A Small Trivia : Jinder's real name is Yuvraj Singh Dhesi, born & brought up in Calgary, Canada, he carries dual nationality of India & Canada courtesy of his Indian roots.