Friday, 5 May 2017

Mast jokes.....

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A Tourist Asked A Boat Guide: “Do You Know Psychology, Geography, Geology And Criminology?
The Guide Said: “No To All The Questions
The Tourist Then Said: “Idiot You Will Die Of Illiteracy
Suddenly The Boat Started Sinking Then The Guide Asked The Tourist: “Do You Know Swinology, Escapology Away From Crocrodielogy?
The Tourist Said: “No
Guide Said: “Today You Will DrowncologyCrocodielogy Will Eat Your Bodycology And You Will Diecology Because Of Your Bad Mouthocology


Girlfriend And Boyfriend Chatting On Facebook.
Girlfriend: “Please Stay Up, Just A Little Longer? I Really Want To Talk To You
Boyfriend: “No, Sorry I Gotta Go
Girlfriend: “Pleeeeeeeeeeease?
Boyfriend: “No, My Mom Said If I Don’t Go To Sleep Now She’ll Come Down Here And Bash My Head On The Keyboard yujehs Ndbhuji Dcb Fnekd Xnedj Ucdu Cedtmjg Tjmgjea



Importance Of Thumb
Babies Use It For Chewing.
Illiterate People Use It For Sign.
Winners Use It For Victory.
My Fans Use It For Reading My SMS.
Oh! You Too? Crazy Fans.


Santa At Railway Station To Other People: “Did Anyone Lose Money Wrapped In A Rubber Band?
One Said: “Yes I Did
Santa: “Well, It’s Your Lucky Day, I Found The Rubberband


A Sleeping Beggar Puts A Notice Board In Front Of Him,
“Please Do Not Make Noise By Dropping Coins, Use Currency Notes Only”
Salute Him