Thursday, 18 May 2017

People going crazzy for High Five...

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A Man Had Just Boarded And Settled Into His Seat Next To The Window On The Plane,
When Another Man Sat Down In The Aisle Seat And Put His Black Labrador In The Middle Seat Next To The Man.

The First Man Looked Very Quizzically At The Dog And Asked Why The Dog Was Allowed On The Plane.
The Second Man Explained That He Was From The Police Drugs Enforcement Agency And That The Dog Was A ‘Sniffing Dog’.
His Name Is Sniffer And He’s The Best There Is. I’ll Show You Once We Get Airborne, When I Put Him To Work.
The Plane Took Off, And Once It Has Leveled Out, The Policeman Said: “Watch This”
He Told Sniffer To ‘Search’
Sniffer Jumped Down, Walked Along The Aisle, And Finally Sat Very Purposefully Next To A Woman For Several Seconds.
Sniffer Then Returned To His Seat And Put One Paw On The Policeman’s Arm.
The Policeman Said: “Good Boy”
And He Turned To The Man And Said: “That Woman Is In Possession Of Marijuana, I’m Making A Note Of Her Seat Number And The Authorities Will Apprehend Her When We Land”
The First Man Replied: “Gee, That’s Pretty Good”
Once Again, The Policeman Sent Sniffer To Search The Aisles.
The Lab Sniffed About, Sat Down Beside A Man For A Few Seconds, Returned To Its Seat, And This Time He Placed Two Paws On The Agent’s Arm.
The Policeman Said: “Two Paws Mean That Man Is Carrying Cocaine, So Again, I’m Making A Note Of His Seat Number For The Police”
His Seat Mate Said: “I Like It!”
The Policeman Then Told Sniffer To ‘Search’ Again.
Sniffer Walked Up And Down The Aisles For A Little While, Sat Down For A Moment, And Then Came Racing Back To The Agent, Jumped Into The Middle Seat And Proceeded To Shit All Over The Place.
The First Man Was Really Disgusted By This Behaviour And Couldn’t Figure Out How Or Why A Well-Trained Dog Would Behave Like That So He Asked The Policeman: “What’s Going On?”
The Policeman Nervously Replied: “He’s Just Found A Bomb”


According To William Sexfear
A Foolish Man Tells A Woman To Stop Talking,
But A Wise Man Tells Her That She Looks Extremely Beautiful When Her Lips Are Closed.


Santa Calls The Help Desk To Complain About Computer Problem.
Santa: “When I Type Computer Password, It Just Shows Star Star Star Star, What Is That Joke?

Help Desk: “Dear, Those Stars Are To Protect You, So That If A Person Standing Behind, He Can’t Read Your Password

Santa: “Yeah Okay, But Stars Appear Even When There Is No One Standing Behind Me


A Blond In A Curtain Shop.
Blond: “I Want Those Pink Curtains For My Computer

Shop-Keeper: “But Computers Don’t Need Curtains

The Blond Replies: “Duh, I Have Windows


Understanding A Girl

This Is Like Downloading A 4GB File.

At The Speed Of 2kbps.

Which Ends Up..
In A Error At 99% Completed…