Monday, 22 May 2017

Top 10 Highest paying Free Bitcoin Faucets

The Highest Paying, Top 10 Bitcoin Faucets – All on one page to make it 10x quicker for you to claim… so you can earn 10x as much..But don't stick to 1 faucet, they come & go like summers

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ClaimBTC – Exciting New Faucet With UNIQUE Features!

Claim MEGA satoshi prizes at this great new faucet – and earn bonuses to help you win more bitcoin!
Claim BTC Faucet

NEW: Daily Doge – Find Doges, Claim Bitcoin 😀

The best new faucet – find doges for MEGA bitcoin rewards. Now they have shifted to 'Digital'. Claim every 5 minutes with HIGH average claim amounts 😀
Daily Doge 600x315

NEW: Elena Faucet – Hourly Payouts & BIG Satoshi Rewards

Claim from this old, reliable faucet for BIG rewards (and check out the other faucets on his site too!) ;D

And watch out for the BIG JACKPOT wins too 😉
Elena Bitcoin Faucet
Robot Coin-My favorite faucet – totally unique & high paying!
Destroy Robots, Earn (MEGA!) Bitcoin. It’s as simple as that!
Robot Coin Faucet

Coin888 – Claim Big Satoshi from the BEST Fruit Machine Faucet 😉

Awesome fruit machine faucet – great rewards 😀
Coin888 Faucet

CoinBrawl – Become the Arena Champion and Win Bitcoin

A great new faucet with an RPG element! Beat your opponents, level up your character and earn great bitcoin in this fun arena fighting faucet game!
CoinBrawl Faucet

Monster Coin Game – BIG Jackpot Claims

Another great Wheel of Fortune type faucet – big claims and BIG jackpots here!
Monster Coin Faucet

Field Bitcoins – Progressive Claims

Claim whenever you want at this new progressive faucet – from every 5 minutes to every day, to every week!

Field Bitcoin Faucet

Free USD Faucet – Claim DOLLARS & Cash Out Into BITCOIN 😀

It’s as simple as it sounds – you claim in US currency and you can cash out in your currency of choice (Bitcoin!!!)

Free USD Faucet

BITPANDA – One of the Oldest and Most Reliable Faucets!

Hourly claims with great rewards available at this reliably awesome faucet!