Friday, 16 June 2017

ICC Champions trophy finals IND Vs PAK pin point accurate predictions ...

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Indian cricket fans have already started teasing Pakistan chanting MAUKAA, MAUKAAA as after long time two teams meet in a final match.

ICC Champions trophy in cricket is the ultimate test of the champion teams of the world and this year's season is just a few days away from its grand finale between India & Pakistan.Both the teams are looking in sublime form with not much to differentiate between the two sides, one is having the run of its life while the other also has shown excellent strength & agility to make it from the bottom of the table to the top two.

So far fans & cricket lovers watching champions trophy had been saying boooring but for many reasons this last game is expected to bring one hell of a fight.

After the glam sham of IPL, the entrance of ICC Champions trophy to take over the fans of cricket saving them from cringy boring nights was like cherry over the cake, Champions trophy is not like any other tournament with an ICC tag, its the place where champion become legends & legends turn into "king of the world".

With only the best teams of the world participating in the tournament there were total 8 teams in the beginning of the tournament with India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa in one group & Australia, Bangladesh, England, New Zealand standing in another.

Since the beginning of the tournament, based on the commanding performance of the defending champions (Team India) in practice matches against Bangladesh & South Africa, Virat Kohli lead 'men in blue' were the hot favorites to lift the trophy & keep it intact on their shelf for another 4 years but not anymore, Pakistan is looking fully capable of turning the table.

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Nowadays, summer temperature is on its peak but the betting market is getting even hotter where team India seems like an obvious choice for this big tournament specially when its sponsored by ICC (International Cricket Council). From a decade or so performance of Indian cricket team has continuously gone up the hill, so they always remain hot favorites for bookis but provide low returns.

Meanwhile, another team expected to bring some shocking results was the home team England, boys were looking real good & it was the only team to remain undefeated in the league matches until they were finally thrashed by Pakistan in an all important semi-final.

In this tournament India successfully achieved comprehensive wins one after another except the match against Sri Lanka where they weren't able to defend a mammoth score of 300+, since then it was a walk in the park for them, they simply outclassed South Africa to choke them again in their last league match & ate out the soul of Bangladesh in the semis to reach finals.

Now the only teams left in the tournament are Arch rivals India & Pakistan who will clash for the title one last time on Sunday, 18 June.

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This finale isn't gonna be easy for either of the two teams, they have to put in everything to win it.Leaving practice matches aside, Champions trophy journey of both the teams has been quite similar:
  • Both teams are more likely to win batting second.
  • India & Pakistan both suffered a big loss to realize their actual strength, since then it was no looking back.
  • Both of them destroyed the no. one team of the world

Fans are getting edgy waiting desperately for this match but what about our holy predictions of the match straight from the heavens, if you go with last ten years trends 'green team' doesn't seem to have much of a chance but keeping pen & paper on the table, cricket is played on the ground where one stunning run out or few lusty blows can change the game all together.

Don't think much about the results, cause it's a final where a little bit of pressure can chock down the nozzle of even the big guns like Don Bradman, frankly speaking nobody is really bothered of Indian bowling, this match will be more about how Indian batsmen deal with Pakistan pace battery.

The final is gonna be like "the Passion, Aggression & Agility of Pakistani boys Vs the Cool & Professional Indians".

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Whatever the team captains say to news channels & media really doesn't matter, cause its like an already written well discussed script to send a clear message to the opponents, well they do their homework on & off the field to keep pushing their competitors, every team use to make a strategy to deal with its opponent team as well as each member of the team.

Our analysis from different surveys & trendz is putting the spot light on Virat Kohli as the winning captain but you can't underestimate an ever growing team like Pakistan, full of zeal & energy, always hungry for its opponent's blood. The temperature is likely to go further up when these two teams meet on Sunday in such a big game that too a final between India & Pakistan.

One should not get surprised if Pakistan manage to give India a taste of his own medicine, specially with bowlers like hot head Hassan Ali, who gives glimpses of Sreesanth of India, has been a revelation for Pakistan, India need to be very careful while playing him, other wise you never know.

Whoever wins, I wish the match to be as crunchy as a chikki with thunderous sixes into the stands, cheeky boundaries, banana turn spin bowling & some really amazing flying catches.

Until next time....Chao.