Saturday, 3 June 2017

Learn the secrets of math to grow up like einstein...

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1. Money Can’t Buy Happiness But Its More Comfortable To Cry In A BMW Than On Cycle.
2. Forgive Your Enemy But Remember That Bastard’s Name.
3. Help A Man When He Is In Trouble & He Will Remember You When He Is In Trouble Again.
4. Many People Are Alive Only Because Its Illegal To Shoot Them.
5. Alcohol Doesn’t Solve Any Problem But Neither Does Milk.
6. Smoking Kills, But If You Don’t Smoke Doesn’t Mean You’ll Never Die.


Ek Bacha Apni Maa Se Pitne Ke Baad Daddy Se Puchhta Hai.
Bacha: “Papa Kbhi Aap Jungle Gye Ho?
Papa: “Nahi Beta
Bacha: “Phir Aap Itnii Khofnaak Item Kaha Se Pakad Laye.



Law Of Mechanical Repair
After Your Hands Become Coated With Grease, Your Nose Will Begin To Itch.
Law Of The Workshop
Any Tool, When Dropped, Will Roll To The Least Accessible Corner.
Law Of The Telephone
When You Dial A Wrong Number, You Never Get A Busy Signal.
Law Of The Alibi
If You Tell The Boss You Were Late For Work Because You Had A Flat Tire, The Very Next Morning You Will Have A Flat Tire On The Way To Work.
Variation Law
If You Change Lines (Or Traffic Lanes), The One You Were In Will Start To Move Faster Than The One You Are In Then.
Bath Theorem
When The Body Is Fully Immersed In Water, The Telephone Rings.
Law Of Close Encounters
The Probability Of Meeting Someone You Know Increases When You Are With Someone You Don’t Want To Be Seen With.
Law Of The Result
When You Try To Prove To Someone That A Machine Won’t Work, It Will.
Law Of Biomechanics
The Severity Of The Itch Is Inversely Proportional To The Reach.
Theatre Rule
At Any Event, The People Whose Seats Are Furthest From The Aisle Arrive Last
Law Of Coffee
As Soon As You Sit Down To A Cup Of Hot Coffee, Your Boss Will Ask You To Do Something Which Will Last Until The Coffee Is Cold.
Murphy’s Law Of Lockers
If There Are Only Two People In A Locker Room, They Will Have Adjacent Lockers.
Law Of Dirty Rugs/carpets
The Chances Of An Open-Faced Jelly Sandwich Of Landing Face Down On A Floor Covering Are Directly Correlated To The Newness And Cost Of The Carpet/rug.
Law Of Logical Argument
Anything Is Possible If You Don’t Know What You Are Talking About.


An Old Lady Gave A Bus Driver Peanuts To Eat.
This Happened For Several Times.
One Day Driver Asked: “Why You Giving Me Such Wonderful Peanuts? Why Dont You Eat Them Yourself?
Old Lady Replied: “I Don’t Have Teeth To Munch Them
Driver: “Ohhh, Then Why You Bought Them?
Old Lady: “I Just Love The Chocolate Around Them



According To Genius William Sexfear
Love Is The “Seventh Sense
That Destroys All The Other
Six Senses