Monday, 3 July 2017

Wives are agile, handle with care...


Heart Touching Lines By A Chain Smoker:
I Trust On Cigarettes More Than Girls,
Because, I Am Ready To Damage My Lungs But Not My Heart.


What Is The Height Of Misunderstanding?
A Man Marrying His Own Secretary Thinking That She Will Still Follow His Orders As Before.


A Man Who Is Driving A Car Is Stopped By A Police Officer.
The Officer: “You Were Going At Least 75 In A 55 Zone
Man: “No Sir, I Was Going 60
Wife: “Oh Johnny, You Were Going 80
Officer: “I’m Also Going To Give You A Ticket For Your Broken Tail Light
Man: “Broken Tail Light? I Didn’t Know About A Broken Tail Light!
Wife: “Oh Johnny, You’ve Known About That Tail Light For Weeks
Officer: “I’m Also Going To Give You A Citation For Not Wearing Your Seat Belt
Man: “Oh, I Just Took It Off When You Were Walking Up To The Car
Wife: “Oh, Johnny, You Never Wear Your Seat Belt
Man Turns To His Wife And Yells: “Shut Your Damn Mouth Bitch
Officer Turns To The Woman And Asks: “Mam, Does Your Husband Talk To You This Way All The Time?
Wife: “No, Only When He’s Drunk


Dosto Kayi Baar Jaruri Nahi Ki Jokes Hi Dil Ko Acche Lage, Kuch Baatein Aur Kahanaiya Bhi Dil Ko Touch Kar Deti Hai
Aisi Hi Ye Ek Choti Si Story Hai Ek Bachhe Ki Jisko Uske Baap Ne Samjhana Chaha Ki Gareebi Kya Hoti Hai
A Father Took His Son To A Village To Teach About Poverty.
After The Trip He Asked His Son About The Poor.
Son Replied:
We’ve 1 Dog, Villagers Had 4
We’ve Small Pool, They’ve Long River
We’ve Lamps, They’ve Stars
We’ve Small Piece Of Land, They’ve Large Fields
We’ve Servants 2 Serve Us, They Serve Others
We Buy Food, They Grow Their Food
We’ve House To Protect Us, They’ve Friends
The Boy’s Father Was Speechless.
Then His Son Said: “Thanks For Showing How Poor We Are.


Ek Aurat Doctor Ke Paas Bhagi-Bhagi Jati Hai Aur Bolti Hai.
Aurat: “Mera Beta Motor Cycle Se Gir Gaya Hai
Doctor: “I Can’t Understand Please Speak In English
Aurat: “My Londa Is Gironda From Hero Honda